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How to Defeat Authoritarianism..

Historically speaking the authoritarian playbook remains the same. Just as it was decades ago. The ultimate goal is to consolidate power and they always use the same time-tested techniques.First they start by attacking the free press. This is just the way to weaken the media's ability to hold the ruler accountable for his or her actions. The way to do this is by calling the members of the press as FAKE NEWS especially when they started reporting honest stories about the regime which exposes their corrupt and incompentent policies.Next, they will try to divide the people by polarizing them and labeling his critics as 'Dilawans' or anyone who dared attempted to criticize the ruler. Opposition leaders who stood against the ruler will be attacked by massive black-propaganda campaign to dissuade the masses from supportin their cause. Or even worst, use state resources to a full-blown political lynching and jailing the rulers critics to effectively discourage others.Also by dividing the people and pitching them against one another. The ruler distracts them from even bigger problems which plaguing the country. Such as high prices of goods and services, oppressive taxes and extra-judicial killings.Once the people starts to protest against the authoritarian ruler. He or she will then attempt to label the opposition as 'Dilawans' or accused them of ouster plots as a escapegoat to justify force against them.Next they'll try to weaken judicial checks of power. They usually do this by publicly discrediting judges or the judicial system. Defunding departments investigating criminal activities. And or totally removing powerful people that is not loyal to the regime.Which leads us to the value of loyalty. Authoritarians will always value loyalty over competence. They fear a system which holds them to the same ethical and legal standard as everyone else.This is why you start to usually see very unqualified people running departments that they shouldn't be running.Under an authoritarian system. Loyalty is more favored than their knowledge or skill.A lot of these dynamics are already happening in the Philippines since President Duterte took office.The President now controls all the branches of the government and is using this to discriminate and target those who criticize his rule. The recent attack on Senator Trillanes only shows that he is desperate to silence his number one critic.If this continues and we are not careful. We could once more descend in an authoritarian crisis. Where our rights are no longer valued. And corruption will spiral out of control making our nations poorer and our country-men extremely affected by deteriorating economic conditions.As you know for the last two years. The effects of Duterte's authoritarian rule has caused so much strain to the people.Such as. Oppressive taxes, inflation, surging prices of goods, extra-judicial killings and widening economic inequalities. More and more people gets poorer and poorer. A grim future we all never asked for.But need not despair.The good news is we are very experienced in toppling down authoritarian rulers in the past.The one thing that works suprisingly well is the Non-Violent Resistance or as we call it 'People Power'.In fact, studies show that campaigns of Nonviolent Civil Resistance or 'People Power' were twice as successful in defeating authoritarian regimes around the world. Nonviolent Civil Resistance or 'People Power' are especially effective because they make it harder for the regime to justify using violence on its own people. The same studies show that no government can withstand a challenge with 3.5% of its population protesting.Authoritarians thrive on popular fear and collective resignation. The most powerful thing you can do is simply to participate in resistance campaigns that are peaceful and nonviolent.You can also follow movements by Tindig Pilipinas where people from different political colours unites against authoritarianism.Remember. Only a united force of Filipinos can keep our country from falling the dark precipece of authoritarianism.Let us not fall into mass misinformation propagandists hired by authoritarian rulers to keep us divide, distracted and misinformed.If you like this video. Share it! and if you want more content then please feel free to like my page.Thank you so much.Video inspired by act.tv (''How to defeat authoritarianism).Voiceover – Yours truly. (I have a freakin sore throat.. promise to do better next time)

Posted by Juan Luna on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why void Trillanes Amnesty?

DUTERTE AND CALIDA'S DESPERATE MOVE TO SILENCE A FIERCE CRITIC BACKFIREDTRILLANES IS STILL FREESENATE INVESTIGATIONS ON CALIDA'S SECURITY AGENCY CONTINUEDDespite such a well concocted plan to arrest Trillanes during the ongoing Senate session and hopefully stop the investigations on his security agency.IT ALL FELL APART – NO WARRANT MEANS NO ARRESTThe Senate leadership also took their stand and resisted unlawful arrest happening within their premises.DAYS PASSED BYIt has now became apparent that all the documents and facts is in Senator Trillanes favor. It as if we are debating on whether a red apple is actually an apple.As what Thomas Paine famously wrote :"..Truth, whenever it can fully appear, is a thing so naturally familiar to the mind, that an acquaintance commences at first sight. No artificial light, yet discovered, can display all the properties of daylight; so neither can the best invented fiction fill the mind with every conviction which truth begets.."Why do we need to argue on the obvious?Trillanes has complied to all the requirements and in the process has been approved and received the certificate of amnesty.It is as if. You went through a 4 year course to finish a degree and received your diploma. Since you have not been able to keep your Application Form during your freshman year. Then all those years of hardwork and pain is nothing but ''void''.This reasoning is completely stupid.Only dimwits would ever believe such justification.Hence, why I must ask all intellectually abled men to speak up and don't just stay silent.Don't let the ignorant fools ruin this country. As you know ''ignorance'' is so infectious that it can affect so many people in such a short amount of time using Social Media.Speak up your mind! Resist this injustice!#StandWithSenTrillanes

Posted by Juan Luna on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saan aabot ang 100 mo?

We all know that Inflation is running out of control. Despite many assurances of Duterte's economic managers. The prices keep skyrocketing upwards while the income of many of our Kababayan's is still stuck below the ground.As of July this year. Inflation has gone up to 5.7%. That is a huge number. And is affecting so many of our poorest of the poor.Let's delve in and check all the prices of goods and compare this from last year and to this year 2018. Rappler provided us with excellent data to play along with.WATCH and SHARE (If you haven't liked my page already. Please do.)Higpitan pa natin ang ating sinturon para sa rehimeng Duterte. Ipagdasal natin ang ating mga kababayang nag-hihirap ngayon. Lalong lalo na ang mga apektado sa 'War on Drugs' ni Duterte na halos wala nang makain.INFLATION EXPECTED TO WORSEN THIS MONTH OF AUGUST and SEPTEMBERKaya pa ba?

Posted by Juan Luna on Saturday, August 25, 2018

What is Dutertism? A disease afflicting so many Filipinos today.

Dutertism is a mental disease affecting so many Filipinos today. Their blind faith to their poon is just off the scale that they believe any outrageous stories no matter how wrong and false they are just so it boost their bias feeling.Dutertism is weakening our democratic processes including our freedom of expression by means of threats and mass reporting of posts critical to the regime.No longer does Duterte need to impose Martial Law since the people themseleves has allowed Duterte to use them to attack their families and people they hold dear in pursuit of their fanatical love for their Poon.TAG YOUR FRIENDS AFFECTED BY 'DUTERTISM' Hopefully they can step forward. Cure themselves. And together we can march against the mass injustice and blatant violation of human rights by Duterte and his oligarch cronies.MAKE A STAND!LIKE AND SHARE TO YOUR FRIENDS! :)#ResistDutertism#NoToFanaticsm#CureDutertism

Posted by Juan Luna on Saturday, August 25, 2018

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – If the police tries to arrest, invite or place you under their custody!

IN LIGHT OF THE RAMPANT HUMAN-RIGHTS ABUSES perpetrated by Duterte's uniformed men. It is timely that we warn and inform our fello citizens of their rights to ensure their safety from abusive law-enforcers.WATCH THIS and GET TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTSYour life may actually depend on it!SHARE THIS NOW to your FRIENDS!

Posted by Juan Luna on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cebu's BRT or LRT?

COMMENTING ON A LOCAL-TOPIC IN CEBU(Since I am a Cebuano – obviously)CEBU'S worsening TRAFFIC condition has been there for decades. Hence, the proposal was to opt for the BRT transport system. Which worked well in other countries with similar traffic conditions as ours.The mere fact that it cost less in terms of building the entire system but also it is very cheap to maintain and run.ME LIVING IN CEBU – I have witnessed the terrible and long wait times in order to get a jeepney or if not driving around the city was a hell of a nightmare.The feasibility studies were done by experts and by other countries. Confirms that BRT will be well-suited for Cebu City.IN FACT It outlined the great benefits of using the BRT system. It is expected that BRT route will save passengers 570 million hours of traveling per year. With significantly lesser CO2 emissions / 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions up to the year 2035.BRT is expected to be completed and fully implemented by 2019BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!?The appointed Presidential advisor of the Visayas Michael Dino wants the entire project 'SCRAPPED' in favor of LRT.And guess what? DINO mentioned that there are CHINESE proponents of the LRT system?!NOW WE ARE BACK TO SQUARE ONETAKE NOTE – We know for a fact that unlike Manila. Cebu is considerably smaller and has a far lesser number of commuters to ride along with it.And the LRT system cost way more than the BRT system. Prone to massive delays whenever there are technical glitches or issues. So for such a costly project like LRT. And fewer number of commuting population. (Unlike in Manila).The government would most likely charge more on LRT fares which don't really help the public all.Please watch the video and share to your fellow Cebuanos.I just find it very appalling that APPOINTEES were overriding the ELECTED OFFICIALS as if they seemed to know better for the welfare of ELECTED OFFICIALS constituents.Perhaps, there's a hidden agenda on getting the much more expensive LRT system? Back by Chinese proponents?Instead of the much cheaper BRT system which also benefits local bus-manufacturers?ONE THING I KNOWNO — TO CHINESE AGENTS!Presidential Advisors my a**….____________________________DISCLAIMER : Figures used are estimated cost only based on World Bank records. Some information was also taken from Wikipedia and local news agencies.

Posted by Juan Luna on Thursday, July 19, 2018

8 Trillion Peso Loan – Duterte's Steal Steal Steal!?

DUTERTE'S 8 TRILLION PESO LOANHigh rates of interest that China, the most likely lender, could impose on the new debt could balloon it to over a trillion U.S. dollars in 10 years. More likely according to my analysis, at 10% interest, the new debt could go to $452 billion, bringing Philippines’ debt: GDP ratio to 197%, second-to-worst in the world. With our current state, I doubt we could ever be able to survive this Duterte sh*tstorm.1. Dying Currency whilst all other currencies in Southeast Asia are doing fine2. Surging prices of oil due to raging inflation and excise taxes3. Losing investment confidence. Our foreign investment is going on a steep-nosedive.Ano pa kaya ang maasahan ni Juan?TWO YEARS has passed. Wala pang natatapos ang Duterte Administration sa kanilang BUILD BUILD BUILD.Most of the projects completed were from the previous administration.So in short, hindi pala BUILD BUILD BUILD?STEAL STEAL STEAL!?CREDITS – https://www.forbes.com/sites/anderscorr/2017/05/13/new-philippine-debt-of-167-billion-could-balloon-to-452-billion-china-will-benefit/#2d613a9f2fb6Also, thanks to Patolang Pilipina for explaining certain financial details. 😀LODI ko sa economics yan!

Posted by Juan Luna on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Truth behind Sereno's SALN

I have been seeing a lot of memes from Duterte's known propagandists and diehard trolls. Depicting Sereno's ouster with the formerly impeached Chief Justice Corona.So I wondered. It would be best to do a bit of research on what was really the issue. I stumbled upon dozens of news articles, documents, certifications, JBC minutes on CJ Applications etc.I can, therefore, conclude that Sereno's SALN was really a non-issue. It was just magnified and vilified by Duterte's hardcore minions. They continued to twist the facts to accommodate their own narratives.SO TO SET THINGS STRAIGHTSereno paid the right taxes and declared the right amount of money she earned. Her inability to produce certain SALN's during her University work was not because she maliciously intends to withhold them. But the since those were more than 15 years ago and those documents could no longer be produced by UP.Although, UP HRDO has since cleared Sereno of any liabilities. Thus, vitally debunking any hidden wealth allegations.NOTWITHSTANDING the mode of which the Chief Justice has been ousted from office is not only illegal, unethical but also grossly unconstitutional.#GalawangDesperado#DuterteDiktador

Posted by Juan Luna on Monday, May 14, 2018

Chinese Cruise Missiles could hit targets as far as Palawan!!!

Newly installed cruise-missiles in Chinese artificial islands within our own Exclusive Economic Zone could hit as far as Palawan.Not even a single 'POTANGINA' from Duterte and in fact blamed the former administration who fought and succeeded in winning International Arbitration.What did Duterte do upon awarding of West Philippine Sea to the Philippines?THIS IS ALARMING. OUR NATIONAL DEBT IN CHINA COULD BALLOON TO UP TO 23 TRILLION PESOS — GDP ratio to 197% – second worst in the world!#PilipnasGotTraitors#PhilippinesSoldToChina

Posted by Juan Luna on Friday, May 4, 2018

How to spot Fake News online?

HOW TO SPOT FAKE NEWS!Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy. We need to put stop in Fake News and Politically motivated hatred and propaganda. Mostly coming from the official mouthpiece of the government themselves.Let's share and recommend this to everyone!#FightFakeNews#ResistExperts : Rappler Vera FilesStarring : Queen of Fake News MOCHA USON BLOG

Posted by Juan Luna on Sunday, April 15, 2018

TRILILING ba talaga si Trillanes?

THE WELL 'OILED' BLACK PROPAGANDA MACHINE vs TRILLANESDuterte's black propaganda machine have been constantly spewing out hate memes and fake news (including Duterte himself on alleged Trillanes bank account) against Senator Trillanes.This I wondered. What is wrong with Trillanes? Is he really 'Trililing' accoding to Duterte's cheap propagandists?So I made my research and tried to uncover the stories behind the man.A DECENT, PATRIOTIC and WELL-MANNERED politician.SALUTE!

Posted by Juan Luna on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Abnoy si PNOY? Walang Nagawa si PNOY?

Back when I was a DDS. Most troll pages I follow disseminates hateful memes about the Aquinos. Most especially the former president Benigno Aquino. (They sit all day – making all these memes. How do they get paid?)I find this very odd but I share some of their sentiments. I have not been happy how the Aquino's treated the WPS issue.And then this new guy Duterte turned out to be such a big failure. But I learned too late that when try to show even a single hint of dissent or criticism – you'll end up getting evicted to the 'Dilawan' corner. Plus extra death threats, rape threats, potangina, bobo etc.WOW.I decided. Why not review and see what the 'Abnoy' Aquino has really done during his presidency? I find it very odd why so many people hated the man when he actually did was to 'simply to his job right?'LETS LOOK BACK IN TIME and try to appreciate the UNDER-APPRECIATED President who can't afford to hire his own SOCIAL MEDIA TROLLS :-PTRABAHO LANG PO – WALANG IYOTSource : http://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/featured/daang-matuwid/

Posted by Juan Luna on Monday, October 30, 2017