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My name is Juan Luna. I live in the southern part of the Philippines. The beautiful Cebu that is.

I write commentaries on political issues and current events – whenever time permits. I also make beautiful whiteboard style videos to try and explain complex information to bite-size-easy-to-digest content which posed to reach an even larger audience. This is made to ignite their desire to pursue even the fleeting glimmer of truth than succumbing themselves in simplistic populist propaganda. Here reader. You shall read commentaries in the daily basis. Though, I could not promise that it’s written by a journalist. But hey this is blog and I intend to write the way I wrote them. No need for grammar pleasantries.

Not a Dilawan

Contrary to what people calls me. I am not (yet) a member of the Liberal Party nor has been thoroughly supportive with any or all of their candidates. No I am not a fanatical supporter of any politician. But I am a fanatical supporter for truth and reason. And I will write and write about anything reasonably important and has bearing to our destiny as a nation. I believe. We are all Filipinos. Blessed by God in these islands of pearls. Seas may divide us. But no political colors defines us. We may disagree in many things but we all must agree towards the appreciative value of truth, reason and common sense. If we walk away from these values then we’re essentially throwing away our humanity. And God knows what to become of us – as we embrace a culture of impunity.

The essence of democracy lies in our ability to criticize and hold our politicians accountable in their actions, words and decisions. If our political leaders sought to silence critics and opposition leaders in order to consolidate power for themselves. Then that my friend signals a dangerous precedent. Back in 2017. I learned about the grave injustice inflicted by the authorities against its own people. Where thousands of people including mothers, fathers, children, sisters and brothers. Mercilessly mowed down by masked men and sometimes even the police themselves. To my utter disgust. The authorities simply downplayed these worrying events and even blamed the media and human rights watchdog as attempting to destabilize the administration. The first sign of impending authoritarianism looms over the horizon. Even as economic collapse is imminent brought about by financial mismanagement, worsening corruption and highly oppressive taxes. More than 60 Million Filipinos living below or barely within the considered poverty line. Starvation and joblessness kicks in. But even that would not discourage the government from pursuing its blatantly senseless policies of jailing its critics rather than doing something to solve the real problems plaguing the country today.

I speak for you brother and sisters. I am not your enemy.

As you can now see. There are so many pages and websites disseminating fake news laced with propaganda content that are aimed to either besmirch the reputation of opposition leaders or to praise the tyrant’s seemingly overly-fantastic works and deeds which were merely a figment of the tyrant’s imagination and has never truly benefited the country. These propaganda sites and pages does not come for free. We can all argue as to who to believe in. Is it Mocha? Thinking Pinoy? Sassot? with their glaring brilliance on justifying the tyrants inadequacies and blunders even calling the traditional highly-experienced media men as ‘fake’ themselves despite them reporting on the ground and holding tangible well-researched information to back their claim. The aim of our enemies is make us feel cynical. Don’t believe the media. Don’t believe the opposition. Don’t believe the tyrant’s propaganda pages. Who do we believe now? Ourselves? Hence, I plead that you reconsider. I am not in for the money or fame. Nor do you know who I am really? I am here to write and to continue writing — in order to expose the truth and to counter the tyrant’s black propaganda. Believe me. I seek not of your loyalty. But I want you to understand that we’re all in the same side. We want change. We want justice and we want the truth.

The Philippines needs all it’s able hands to hold on together and stand up against a tyrant who only seeks self-gratification and royal power — through which he and his children to rule like Kings and Queens.

Don’t let the tyrant rule over us again. Or all our cries will be just muffled voices in the dark. And then eerie silence.