For a long-time subscriber and follower of Juan Luna Blog. I know you might be asking. How I suddenly less frequent in publishing articles, stories and animated pieces on my page for the last several weeks. This was not only because I am very depressed of the election results last May but the fact that yet again — Fake News and Propaganda allowed our opponents to snatch yet another victory. With this, I am more convinced than ever that our approach in fighting fake news was pretty bogged down on a vis-a-vis response manner — but you need to understand that fact-checking only reaches a very minuscule audience as opposed to fake news which means that though it has its small successes but totality isn’t really reaching much the masses.

The key to fighting fake news is to educate everyone on its implications as well as to strengthen media-literacy in schools, private and government establishments. The fight against fake news is not only within the political landscape, but as well as in the commercial, religious and ethical landscape which shapes and contracts our beliefs and molds societal norms either for the better or for worst.

A fight this big could never be achieved by one man or even a particular group of like-minded men. But it can only be fought by the collective interest of the masses to root out and quash long-held fallacies and dogma about particular issues. We need to be more inquisitive and critical in every new information we read and consume online given that this an unmoderated public space where information could be merely a fabrication of a creative mind or a perversion of a scam artist.

Anyone can fall on ‘fake news’ — there’s no exception. Young, old, poor, rich, technocrat, professionals, businessmen and politicians. Hence, our struggle to fight fake news must not warrant a full dystopian control over the free Internet which would thereby endanger our rights to free speech.

So the first logical step would be to identify potentially dangerous websites and block them, thus removing people’s ability to view and consume the poisonous information contained in those websites.  Though this might sound as easy as it looks, but how do you identify fake news sites? Don’t worry. I do.

Take for an example CBCP guide on the list of fake news sites in the Philippines. All of those sites were added into a database where can block people from accessing them on their computer.

But how do we convince people to download a software which blocks certain websites on their computer? How do we entice them? Simple — we need to make sure that this software is both functional and helpful in their daily computing — either for work, study or for leisure. It has to be useful to use up resources on their hard-drive other than to block certain websites.

With this I created small, simple and functional software called ”Anti FN” which blocks fake news websites in one-click. As well as cleans and optimizes your computer’s operating system to improve its computing speed. Next, I’ve added an Internet tweaking capability which auto-adjusts certain parameters on your  networking card so you can get more out of your existing Internet speeds.

All of these features — which you normally get from buying certain software for a hefty fee — will be given away to everyone at absolutely FREE LICENSE. No payments, no monthly fees etc. Absolutely – FREE.

Start downloading the program by clicking on the link below.

NOTE – Please extract the zip file and install the software. If you don’t know how to install the program. Kindly ask someone who knows how.

PS.Please share to your friends and families here and abroad so they can download this on their computers as well. Cheers! 🙂