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Chinese ships dumped so much shit in the WPS that you can literally see it from space

The headline says it all. Chinese ships dumping metric tons of human-refuse coming from its armada of ships from the mainland. According to detailed satellite image data from US AI firm Simularity that the said dumping had been occurring for more than five years since Duterte assumed power.

“Sewage effluent sources in the Spratly Islands include ship wastewater and human habitation without sufficient sewage treatment. When the ships don’t move, the poop piles up,”

This waste dirty and smell human fecal material is now piling up in the Spratlys by the ton and is causing massive ecological damage to the marine ecosystem in the area. Quite literally, most of the marine fish catch may have been poisoned to such degree that most of the fish meat we now enjoy surely had been feeding Chinese refuse in the West Philippine Sea. Ew

Chinese ships destroying Spratly reefs by dumping human waste, sewage – report

Also, according to the report that the careless dumping of untreated sewage in the ocean may cause higher levels of chlorophyll A concentration leading to excess phytoplankton which cannot be consumed by the reef inhabitants, so they die and sink to the sea floor to be consumed by bacteria. These bacteria consume oxygen that would normally be available to the fish, creating a “dead zone” for marine life.

So now you can tell that not only China brings a lot of illegal business to the country such as POGO’s and shabu. But also they quite literally pooped all over our seas to poison us. With that, you can be thankful to the thousands of blind DDS and their President who continues to lick Xi Jin Ping’s bum.


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