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Duterte and PDP Laban allies will be a Wheel Chair Gang if they fail to win 2022

PDP Laban Assembly. Photo by Angie de Silva/Rappler

The headline says it all. For the past six-years, the Duterte administration has made a glaring reputation of being too brazen in it’s attempt to plunder and absolved notorious plunderers in Philippine history.

Duterte meets PDP-Laban leaders to fix squabble |

There’s no denying of that, and if you’ve been closely following the news. I mean official news sources not some whack-not DDS blog / video somewhere. You would know for a fact that there’s been billions of pesos pilfered dry from the country’s coffers since 2016.

Worth mentioning of course is the billions of pesos worth of intel budget for his Anti Drug War campaign yet with absolutely no concrete results based on the data from ICAD itself. Police gets tips from civilians and in most cases arrests the wrong people or worst label them as drug-lords or drug-addicts after killing them. And then we have the corruption scandals in Philhealth and the now DSWD as bared by Senator Pacquiao.

How long can the Filipino people be blind and stupid and brushing off these scandals as mere a Dilawan ploy to besmirch their idol? If we go along party-lines, Duterte himself is a Dilawan because without a Dilawan in power. He would not have been a Mayor and even more won’t be a President we now know today.

It goes beyond reason as to why we continue to bow our heads to such arrogant characters in Philippine politics. We shouldn’t have been idolizing them in the first place. We are the boss and with that alone — we deserve better and transparent governance. Because, progress requires not only for the politicians to do their job by lobbying policies and projects but for us to make sure that we are electing the right people to these jobs in the first place.

Now come’s the opportunity to do exactly that. Here comes the 2022 elections. The shining opportunity for us to change things. And I mean, this. Change is coming.

Have you noticed the overwhelming support Duterte gets from his party-mates and even those with common plunder-friendly interests? Of course, if he fails to secure a victory in 2022 election then so many heads will roll after more than 5 years of plundering the country and killing innocent people under the guide of an anti-drug operation.

With this being said, it’s time that they pay for their crimes.  Take heed and make sure you understand the consequence of not voting right this 2022. I mean, I am not in the position to influence your convictions but you know who’s the right candidate to be President. Certainly, not a Duterte.

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