Bello wants to abolish licensure and bar exams to make life easy for students

People take professional licensure exams not because its just mandated out of whim or mere process but of course its to ensure that they are capable of the job and career which they are to fill.

Schools have their own way of testing their students and one school maybe different to another. Some may even accept bribes just to pass a student. So a more standard and government regulated approach would be the best way of ensuring conformity of the examination process.

Take for example, professionals in the fields of engineering needs to take certain licensure exams to determine their level of proficiency in their chosen profession which thus ensures that the consumer especially the businesses and people who would wish to hire them to build their houses or buildings can truly be certain that they know what they are doing. It makes sense right?

In the same context, people wanting to be a doctor needs to also take similar type of licensure examinations to ensure that they are capable of the profession which they are to fill and at the same time protects the patient from a possibility of medical errors. As the person administering the medical service is a licensed professional in the field.

Now, I don’t really understand why should we abolish these licensure exams, maybe  for the purpose of gaining populist traction and rile in the masses in connection the upcoming 2022 election.

What a wrong and misguided Bello is as a Labor secretary regarding his understanding of how and why the government and established institutions grants such license in the first place? Is this some kind of circus perhaps to try and distract us from the corruption scandal thats gradually hitting the Duterte administration as of the time of writing? Or maybe, just maybe Bello just didn’t know what he’s talking about.

A clueless government official being paid by the thousands and millions. What a disgrace?! Are you seriously seeing this as a sign of a sane and functioning government?

I just hope you didn’t as that would mean you need to see a doctor.

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