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Aquino is the only ever President who stood up against China and Won!

I want to express my greatest condolences to the Aquino family for the untimely passing of former President PNOY. The family grieves but so does the entire nation, as his death marked the loss of one of the Philippines ‘ most beloved statesman. The latter ushered economic progress and a relentless anti-corruption campaign, which led to the imprisonment of many senators (but were soon re-elected by Duterte supporters).
Tributes pour in for Benigno Aquino, the Philippine president who stood up  to China | South China Morning Post
Aquino is not the perfect President. He had his flaws, just like everyone. After all, we’re all human. But in his individuality – he never lost his humanity. He never flaunted his power nor his arrogance. He never ordered people around and strong-arm them to do his bidding. He worked tirelessly in empowering government agencies instead of encroaching the balance of powers and besmirching the Constitution’s dignity to get his way. He allowed LGU’s to be able to serve their constituents with pride and honor. He raised the morale of the military and the police by upgrading their assets and giving them extra pay.
Benigno Aquino III, Philippine president who fought corruption and Chinese  territorial claims, dies at 61 - The Washington Post
Aquino may sound proper, formal, and refined. Many of those in the DDS crowd and even perhaps those below the poverty line label him an elitist. Someone who grew up in a shielded upbringing and didn’t represent ordinary Filipinos like themselves. This what makes Filipinos easy to manipulate. And yes, someone figured out the best way to do this by showing pictures of him eating in Carenderia and appearing inferior. Eventually, that guy won, causing mayhem and giving favors to Chinese business elites and immigrants while disregarding legitimate grievances of the working sector by jailing them or tagging them as terrorists.
President Says Philippines To Spend $1.8B on Military Modernization
Aquino was no elitist. He is by far the only President who was able to throw high-ranking officials to jail, including, of course, several senators, agency heads, and most notably the former Supreme Court justice himself. The guy is no Brusco – he doesn’t brag about punching or shooting people to get around things and scare them off. He doesn’t have to because he knows that there’s a proper forum and process of jailing corrupt politicians, and that is through discreet investigations and the collection of hard evidence to be used against them in court.
But most importantly, of all previous Presidents. It’s only President Aquino who openly challenged China. He is the only President in all claimants of the South China Sea who stood up against China despite all odds against him and, most importantly, despite all the hurdles and challenges. We won the arbitration award of the West Philippine Sea and under the gaze of the global community.
Because of President Aquino. We now have a legal certification or tile that the West Philippine Sea is ours and that China has no valid basis for claiming it as theirs consistent with UNCLOS, which they too are signatory.
I hope that this coming 2022. We vote for leaders with the same heart for the poor and love for the country. Someone who will push policies not to enrich themselves and favor imperialist governments to exploit Philippines ‘ natural resources. Let’s vote for someone who will protect our best interests and keep us away from harm. Let’s vote for someone who will better represent us on the world stage.
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