Duterte insist that ABS-CBN pay their taxes when they already did

Here we go again. Duterte incites fake news against ABS-CBN in hopes of it not being granted with a fresh franchise after the latter has been accused of not airing Duterte’s campaign shows during the 2016 Elections.

According to Duterte, ABS-CBN needs to pay up its taxes but does ABS-CBN own anything from the government? Has ABS-CBN been a delinquent tax-payer to say the least as what Duterte claimed?

Well, the answer is obviously ”No”. ABS-CBN during its congressional hearings has so many times provided necessary certification and documentation that they have paid all their taxes in the Bureau of Internal Revenue and of course followed all relevant regulatory laws and regulations that would be necessary for them operate.

Of course? They know better. They have been in the business for far too long that most of the young Duterte Kool Aid drinkers of today would not have been born yet.

As I remember, it’s actually BIR Assistant Commissioner Manuel Mapoy himself who testified during the public hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise that the broadcasting company has paid over P15.3 billion in taxes from 2016 to 2019. That’s a lot of money flowing through the nation’s coffered and then down to Duterte’s.

So if ABS-CBN has no tax-delinquencies and had no regulatory violations so to speak then why were its franchise was no granted in the first place? The answer to that is question, is pretty simple. It’s because ABS-CBN aside from it being accused of impartiality during the 2016 Election campaign is a large, influential and at the same time lucrative media company than its rivals. Duterte and his beloved campaign donor and now instant business magnate from Davao had been salivating on acquiring ABS-CBN and use it to spread Duterte leaning  content and Chinese propaganda.

But this plan failed miserably after ABS-CBN Carlo Katigbak refused to back down and sell the company to Duterte’s campaign donor and now anointed China linked Davao businessman. Nevertheless, ABS-CBN is doing really well now its digital platforms and partnerships with existing media-companies with which its able to air many of its shows. But of course, the ultimate loser here were the people who had lost the much more reliable ABS-CBN Regional Network team who’s been creating specific content that caters to different regions and far-flung provinces in the country.

When will Duterte ever realize that ABS-CBN will never captulate and just like  it did after the ouster of the Marcoses. ABS-CBN lived through darkest times and emerged as one of the most loved media company to date.


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