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China backed DITO Telecom to use tax-payer funded govt network

Duterte’s favored and specially treated DITO Telecom which is partly owned by a close-friend and Davao businessman Dennis Uy and of course China Telecom holding 40% ownership of the company. The same China Telecom which was said to be 100% owned by China Communist Party and have been linked to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army known in sabotage and espionage activities around the world.

Nevertheless, this really doesn’t concern Duterte or his allies. So long as China pours them millions of kickbacks through shady and onerous loans, as well as feeding them with millions of direct bribery and investments from Chinese POGO centers. Many of Duterte’s allies in the Congress down to Local Government Unit’s sure love China so much because of all the honey that flows down their pockets. In fact, they’re so in-love with the Chinese Communist Party that they want to desecrate the 1987 Constitution and allow 100% foreign ownership of Philippine businesses while at the same extending their terms until god knows when or for all eternity via transitional government under Cha-Cha (Charter Change). Talk about hitting two birds with one stone right?

China’s soft power projection involves bribing politicians with onerous loans under its ”One Belt and Road Initiative” taking islands after islands as well as  key ports to take and use for military purposes. They figured that corrupt politicians loves money and they so happily use the same tactic to win hearts at the expense of the unfortunate citizens who would be paying the burden of high-interest loans that their leaders took and pocketed.

Dito Telecom controlled and backed by China Telecom will have its super unfair advantage against its  rivals PLDT and Globe Telecom for having been able to have special access to NGCP’s nationwide Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) as its backbone and other tax-funded government telecommunication facilities including control over critical Philippine military installations to save infrastructure cost. Of course, saving company cost at the expense of the poor taxpayers who would be funding it out of their taxes. Then, the added benefit of unlimited access and control to key Philippine military communications channels. Talk about Trojan horse on steroids eh?

The telecom infrastructure in the Philippines could have been built at a much cheaper cost and could be even more faster and better. Unfortunately, the government’s corrupt and convoluted bureaucracy stems innovation by demanding kickbacks just to get towers and critical telecom infrastructures built. This was the problem and not the telecom companies themselves.

The speed of our internet is only the indicative result of corrupt statesmanship amongst all levels of governance. If only we vote for progressive and Pro Filipino leaders who will surely work in the benefit of the people rather themselves or for China then for sure this country would have a much brighter future.

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