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Nothing more important than Kickvac in Sinovac

We can only scratch our heads with the Duterte government’s decision to push through with 25 MILLION vaccine doses from a vaccine that only has 50% efficacy rating while almost twice the cost from its German manufactured counterpart is just completely mind-boggling. I’m talking about the Pfizer vaccine which has a proven and tested efficacy rating of 95%. This is something that Filipino’s deserve. The best vaccine there is to help us out of this rampaging China virus pandemic.

Unfortunately, Duterte is not up to the task. And instead, when our friends in the US Embassy did all they can pulling the strings to get us to acquire a considerable number of doses from Pfizer, our President Rodrigo Duterte dragged his feet into signing the necessary documents to seal the deal with Pfizer and get us a priority shipment of the vaccines.

As a result? The Pfizer vaccines which has previously been reserved and intended for Philippines were instead diverted to our neighboring Singapore after Duterte and Duque dropped the ball in favor of a much more expensive and less effective Sinovac vaccine. Worst, this Sinovac vaccine hasn’t yet even been fully tested – thus testing would likely be at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers. And that all of us would have to be involuntarily subjected as guinea pigs for the Chinese pharma company Sinopharm.

What’s with this Sinovac vaccine anyways that Duterte and his cabinet are dying to get their hands on it? The answer is simple. It’s ”Kickvac”. China had been known to bribe governments and agencies with their low-quality product and service at the expense of the taxpayers in that particular country. It doesn’t matter if the service sucks or the loan agreement is onerous – so long as both China and the client state gets a huge amount of money out from the deal.

China operates more like a Mafia. The strong-arm themselves across countries vying to influence their  political climate to their advantage. They figured that the best way to conquer a country is not by attacking it by force but to bribe its leaders with sweet deals that is also onerous and in the advantage of the Chinese Communist Party long-term goals.

Duterte’s decision to use Sinovac instead of a much more effective Pfizer vaccine although dangerous and could potentially harm millions of innocent people at the expense of our taxes will surely make him and his allies billions more richer. This is so timely, as the 2022 election draws near. Duterte and his party-mates needed to exert more control and influence to keep the power and control all for themselves. This is bad news for the country and its citizens.

Even more horrifying, Duterte and his appointed House Speaker Velasco as well as his allies in the Senate were all trying cook up the Charter Change amendment through a Constituent Assembly. This would allow Duterte and his allies to control the Congress as they have more numbers and will surely outvote opposition members in the Senate. What does this mean? This would allow China more control over critical government assets and infrastructure. Duterte will also be able to extend his term and acquire martial-law powers that Marcos had back in the 70’s. Also, the newly empowered Congress can freely modify the Constitution to their liking and appoint a Prime Minister thereby cancelling out the legitimacy of the Vice President without election.

All of this happening amidst the back-to-back calamities, economic downturn and the ever growing dangers of COVID-19 pandemic threatening the ever more vulnerable population. Now, we not only have to worry about CHA-CHA and the impending Duterte autocracy but also we have to brace ourselves from this increasingly dangerous Duterte-China partnership that surely will endanger thousands or perhaps millions of innocent lives under this unstable COVID-19 vaccine.



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