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China wants Filipinos to be vaccine guinea pigs and Duterte is okay with it

Duterte’s Philippines wants to acquire more than 25 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine ‘SinoVac’ which has recently been suspected of causing undesirable side-effects, including signs of neurological disorders in its Phase III trials in Brazil. Nevertheless, despite the lack of transparency, allegations of bribery to regulatory agencies and lacking much conclusive test trials needed as well as its glaringly expensive cost per shot (3,000 pesos or more).

Image may contain: text that says 'HOW MUCH WILL COVID-19 VACCINES COST? VACCINE Astrazeneca TOTAL PRICE FOR 2 DOSES P610 Novavax Pfizer P366 Moderna P2,379 Sinovac Gamaleya Gamaleya P3,904-P4,504 P3,629.50 P1,220 COVAX Facility P854 *Price includes VAT, 10% inflation rate Source: Senator Sonny Angara's office REPUBLIKA EPUBLIKA Neion'

What could be worst? This Chinese made SinoVac vaccine is said to have a measly efficiency rating of only 50% which is like Russian roulette without the bullets. Philippine officials including Duterte himself were actually super confident that Filipinos would be much more ideal guinea pig candidate for his beloved China’s new COVID-19 vaccine than in Brazil. Of course, there’s a lot of money to be made here as China is known to have always been ‘Sugar Daddy’ of Asia’s corrupt leaders. Which a much more reassuring news as the majority of Philippine Congress and much of its elite are actually under Chinese control.

At 25 million doses – we’re actually spending more than 90 billion pesos for an unreliable and unproven vaccine like China’s SinoVac. At the same time,  we are being monitored and used as China’s experimental guinea pigs at our expense. The glaring irony here is that as of November last year, Brazil has even shut off CoronaVac vaccine trials after what appeared to be signs of seriously adverse side-effect, likely caused by the vaccine.

Also, last year 47 Chinese workers suddenly appeared positive for Covid in Uganda despite them having been vaccinated by the Chinese vaccine, which state media has earlier bragged and claimed that more than 56,000 construction workers from state-owned enterprises overseas have now been vaccinated. A brag that was cited by no less than Reuters themselves. Although, Ugandan government and Chinese state run media declared that these 47 individuals actually were not vaccinated which contradicts China’s recent propaganda boasting on its rampant overseas emergency vaccination.

This, and many other reasons as to why choosing the Chinese manufactured vaccine would be such a terrible idea. Although, the good news is that many LGU’s in the Philippines has since pledged to order millions of doses from well documented, vetted and tested vaccines from the West including Pfizer. However, the national government would still push through with the 25 Million Doses of Chinese SinoVac which will be distributed to certain municipalities and provinces that has no capability to import the much cheaper and reliable Western manufactured vaccines.

By the way, since this is budgeted in the national level then regardless if you are taking or not taking the SinoVac vaccine. You already paid up for it with your taxes.



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