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[VIDEO] Duterte-inspired butchery, cop shot many times an unarmed old woman in the head

I saw this video today on The Daily Sentry and I could not put myself to sleep after watching the last part of the video where the cop appeared to have lost his cool and immediately shot the head of the defenseless old woman and man with which she was hugging in an attempt to rein the man in and de-escalate the altercation between him and the cop.

Bear in mind, these are defenseless civilians whom which the cop seemed to have been engaged in an argument. The video shows families or perhaps neighbors of the man tried to persuade him to calm down and not reason with an arrogant gun-toting cop but he seemed to have never relented.

As it appears on the video. The cop already has the gun on his right hand which created such a commotion and anxiety to bystanders which prompted them to try and intervene by asking the other unarmed guy to be silent and not reason with the cop.

Unfortunately, this failed and the cop all of sudden lost his cool and in a fit of rage, proceeded to pull his gun and shot them both in the head. The incident happened so quickly and the video was abruptly cut whilst families of the slain civilians immediately rushed to aid them.

Although Facebook, censored the video and disallowed sharing. It’s also possible that they may take it down, should they see it to be inappropriate for the general audience.

To be honest, this isn’t new and has happened several times before right when Duterte took power and encourage the police to break the law by planting drugs and guns on suspects as well as shooting down innocent civilians.

Let’s not joke around and say this incident is just being politicized. Of course not, we can all agree regardless of which part of the political spectrum you may be, that the very act itself conincides with the core Duterte big dick belief of violence resolves everything. It quenches your anger and the one size fits all solution to all problems. Kill.. Kill.. Kill.

True enough, the police were so accustomed by this sordid apathetic cold-bloodedness and ever since, the institution has began to deteriorate to the worst after Duterte condoned the atrocities committed by his police force which resulted to more than  28,000 innocent civilians and counting since the very first day of his term as President.

This isn’t the only time I wrote about similar callous butchery by officers of the law themselves. Similar incident also transpired months ago when police officers shot an unarmed ex-soldier with PTSD just to show off that they are the boss and they look musculine butchering civilians.

This culture of impunity has already claimed so many lives.

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum. You could be its next unwilling victim. There’s no exemptions. More and more innocent civilians will be robbed, raped and killed by a Duterte corrupted police force so long as he or any of his corrupt ally or members of the Dutertenian aristocracy. There will be more blood spilled. So long as we as a nation holds on to our fanatical belief of big dick Tatay Digong. Then surely, this country is headed to hell.




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