Rolly and Siony are here but has Duterte entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility yet?

As Rolly ravage vast swathes of our lands, killing many, while destroying untold number of houses, crops and necessary public infrastructure such as bridges and highways, which of course, would surely affect our currently reeling post COVID-19 economy.

I’m sure the government is well aware of its impact long before the typhoon has actually ever entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Our hard working specialists and scientists at PAG-ASA has forewarned the strength and its catasthropic effects should it ever make landfall. Our friends in the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center have happily shared their well¬†updated data based on a per-minute interval rather than PAG-ASA’s usual 10 minute interval.

Has those warnings been heeded? Well, not too seriously. As the Philippines were about to be pounded by titanic winds packing up speeds of up to 260km/hr. There’s still no sight of the President in public-state broadcast addressing the nation of the impending calamity. In fact, the NDRMMC who’s tasked with making sure the government’s adequate disaster response strategy made a briefing an hour before the powerful typhoon hits our shores. Do they really expect that Rolly would have to wait until their briefing is done?

Such pathetic dogged incompetence will surely put many lives at stake as Rolly plowed throughout the countryside and inching closer to the capital’s metropolitan centers. Which led to many netizens in Twitter and Facebook asking where is the President? As Rolly angrily pummeled homes by its ferocious winds and incredible torrential rains causing massive flooding.

Many were asking, has President entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility yet?


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