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Debunking Marcoleta’s allegation of ABSCBN’s fake land title

Artists, employees and suppurters gather at the ABS-CBN complex along Esguerra Ave. as Congress denies the media giant's franchise on July 10, 2020, after 12 hearings. The final decision was announced over the loud speaker over the crowd gathered to support ABS CBN. Angle Locsin, Vice Ganda, Carla Estrada, Vhong Navarro as Ernie Lopez briefed media after learning of the decision. Photo by Jire Carreon/Rappler

During the House hearings on ABS-CBN, Congressman Rodante Marcoleta alleged that the TV network has a fake land title. DDS picked up on his reasoning, calling ABS-CBN, “squatter.” The House TWG also mentioned issues about the transfer certificate title of ABS-CBN’s property in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.

Let’s analyze the issue.

Juan Ponce Enrile, Marcos’ Secretary of Defense during Martial Law, DENIED that ABS-CBN was “taken” from the Lopezes, asserting that the broadcast company’s ownership has always remained with the family even during the dictatorship. The Marcos government seized the network in 1972 and passed on control of the network to Marcos crony, Roberto Benedicto, until 1986.

According to Enrile, the Marcos administration utilized ABS-CBN’s broadcast assets until 1986 when Marcos was ousted through People Power. Enrile says. “Now, in 1986, to be exact February 26… I, as secretary of national defense and a sequestrator of ABS-CBN and all the other television, radio and communication facilities in the country, I issued the order to lift the sequestration of ABS-CBN and that was the last time that I had any contact and involvement with ABS-CBN.

Enrile also confirmed that all the properties of the Lopezes, including, ABS-CBN, were never owned by the government and remained with the Lopezes. The return to the Lopezes of ABS-CBN was endorsed by the PCGG and upheld by the Supreme Court. To put it simply, issues on property ownerships are decided “solely” by the courts and Congress has no business encroaching into the sole domain of a co-equal branch. These Congressmen are either dumb or drunk with power. Civil proceedings on questions of ownership will take a generation to settle, long after the Dutertes, Defensors, Remullas and Marcoletas are gone




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