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Congrocodile Villafuerte burnt to crisp by Angel Locsin

Deputy Speaker Luis Raymund Villafuerte one of the 70 vile and ravenous crocodiles in the Congress who has since denied the franchise renewal of a media giant ABS-CBN despite the Technical Working Group report clearly stated that ABS-CBN has no legal violations and its decision to deny the franchise are actually based on their biased perception that ABS-CBN is an immoral company despite no proof as whatsoever to support their claim.

Clearly, the 70 Crocodiles in the Congress, including Deputy Speaker Luis Raymund Villafuerte are abusing their discretion to favor and appease their master in the Executive branch, who in the past echoed the same statements against ABS-CBN in many of recorded press-briefings.

On December 2019, at the height of ABS-CBN franchise renewal proceedings. President Rodrigo Duterte also suggested that ABS-CBN would rather be sold to someone else. And that, of course, my friend is the most obvious reason as to why Duterte and his horde of crocodiles in the Congress is hard-pressed in shutting the company down to a pulp.

By attacking ABS-CBN, they expect that it would affect the fiscal status of the company forcing them to sell-out to a much much cheaper price. And in doing so, Duterte and his horde of ravenous Congressmen can simply give the company over to the highest bidder. And we know who that highest bidder is right?

The plan is to hold the biggest and most-successful media company in the Philippines hostage so they can have it sold and taken over by opportunist high-bidders or perhaps someone with biased leanings in Duterte’s own party.

Not only this is an issue of press-freedom, but also highlights the brazen and shameless greed of the Philippine Congress. They would rather put 11,000 people at a knife-edge, so much so, to ensure that they get what they want and perhaps lucritavely earn a huge sum of money from the highest-bidding company who would be interested in taking over ABS-CBN.

Mind you, this is the exact same Congress who allowed China to take control of our critical national assets like (NAPOCOR – National Power). The China’s State Grid Corporation has a 40% stake in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), a private consortium that has operated the country’s power lines since 2009.

In just a flip of a switch, China can shut down our electric power and put the entire country in total darkness. Thanks to our treacherous and greedy Congressmen in the halls of Congress

And now, here’s ABS-CBN. They also want the same thing. They want ABS-CBN to be taken over by Chinese backed firms to ensure that they are able to air shows in favor of China’s own political interest. Something just like this :

INTJ on Twitter: ""In the service of the Chinese Government." PH ...

China’s soft power has also pressured even our tax-funded media institutions like PTV to air Chinese shows talking bouy Chinese history and culture

Which is why we now see what’s the real plan all along.

..Villafuerte tells Lopez family: Sell ABS-CBN if you love 11,000 workers..”

This statement is fortunately not taken lightly by one of ABS-CBN’s award-winning celebrity now philanthropist Angel Locsin. She expressed her dismay on Cong. Villafuerte’s statements on Twitter.

Ito po ba ang plano ever since? Palitan ang management para sa ‘iba’ mapunta?

Sana hindi nangyari ang lahat nang ito in favor sa ‘cronies’ at para sa ‘media propaganda’ ng mga gustong manlinlang sa taumbayan. Marami pong nakabantay. Ako’y umaasang gagawin natin kung ano pong makakabuti para sa bayan at hindi sa mga personal na agenda – Angel Locsin





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