Fake news and below-the-belt bashing yet Leni doesn’t give a f***

Since the day Leni rose to power as the Vice President of the Philippines. Thousands of Pro Marcos and Duterte trolls attacked her on all sides. She’s been a subject to horrid vitriol of Duterte influencers. Bismirching her person and of course a primary subject of all the malicious and baseless accusations of her being pregnant or a distant relative was linked to drugs.

Being a politician sure is a tough job. You would expect people to try and ridicule you whenever possibile. Whether it be with the way you talk, look or even with the policies and decisions you make as a public official. It comes with naturally with the job.

Here’s one the videos which Leni had been maligned and attacked by Duterte’s trolls.

And then one of the most classic of video of all. The ever so intelligent Fake News Queen and former PCOO Usec now OWWA official, throwing vindictives and atrociously baseless accusations against the Vice President.

Then we have Thinking Pinoy who also shared a barrage of libelous content against the Vice President insinuating that she’s bearing a child to some other guy.

The New Era of Information Warfare - Hacking the Human Brain -Juan ...

Sassot also echoed the same crap and rallied his supporters to bash and attack Leni creating a echo-chamber of lies in social-media

The New Era of Information Warfare - Hacking the Human Brain -Juan ...

And then of course, we have the ever notorious Tiglao who published several unvetted and unchecked columns to bismirch the Vice President

During those 4 years of Duterte presidency. She and her daughters received threats and a subject of so many black-propaganda posts in Social Meda from Duterte supporters and allies. But going through the extensive list would have been impossible to fit in this page.

In her capacity as the Vice President. She chose to ignore Duterte’s army of trolls and focused her energy in serving the people. Despite having no cabinet position under the Duterte government. She’s been able to rally the private sector to aid her anti-poverty campaigns ‘Ángat Buhay’.

And now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, using her sheer influence and support from the private sector. She poured resources such as test-kits and medical supplies as well as allocated free bus rides to frontliners to help the fight against COVID-19.

Ignorning the trolls is just one thing. But this really doesn’t stopped her in openly criticizing the Duterte govt as well as recommending alternatives to solve certain prolems. In fact, she had a hand on handling Duterte’s anti-drug campaign as the ICAD Czar but her authority was limited to the point she could not push her chosen agenda and strategies.

It is also in her short capacity as ICAD Chief that she learned the current anti-drug war efficiency of less than 0.06%. An atrociously small number for someone who bragged about using strong-handed illegal shortcuts such as killing drug suspects and planting evidence in order to alleviate the illegal drug problem in the country.

With all the bashing and trolling. I’m sure it’s not easy to be a Leni Robredo. But seeing her usual fierceness, deligence and extreme focus. One can learn a thing or two from her. Forget all the negativity and opt to always work on the things that you can control. Her seemingly stoic political mantra sets the standard for what we should look for in a public official.

Someone who don’t give a fu** about what the media says or the people on social-media posts about them. Just do your job well and focus instead on what matters the most. The paramount importance of the people’s welfare and happiness.

Be a Leni in the world of Bong GaGo (flips hair…)




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