Duterte govt requires special plastic divider on motorbikes which will be an added expense and risk of accidents

Here we go again. Another stupid policy of the Duterte government, of course under its appointed official of DILG. Based on several press-releases from many media outlets, it’s been announced that the Duterte govt would be keen in allowing motorcycle backriding for couples. Only and only if they are ”couples”.

So just to clarify, they should be living in the same roof. Though its not required that they possess a marriage license/contract but they should provide proof that they’ve been living together.

Great, that’s good news. Except there’s a huge catch. Since, the DILG would want people to use a specially designed plastic divider conceived by Gov. Arthur Yap, according to them this has been approved by the NTF (National Task Force). Or whatever that means.

Awesome! What a bunch of legendary dumbf**cks!

So now, couples who stays in the same house and most probably goes to bed every night would need to purchase a specially designed plastic divider and install it on their motorcycle just so they can sit and drive together? This is Bullsh**t

Mind you – this is how it looks like :

Plastic shield for backriding could be dangerous – safety experts ...

It appears to be screwed shut in the main body of the motorcycle. Of course, this setup may not be applicable for all types of motorbikes. But did you see how uncomfortable this would be riders in the back? Worst, should they be travelling in roads where a lot of high-speed cars passing them by. This shield might suddenly give way — resulting to fatal accidents.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

What are these people even thinking? We gave them billions of funding which they of course pay for their army of servants, assistants and consultants. And this is what they came up as solution?

Purchasing this plastic divided would be totally additional unnecessary expense to couples. Why is that? Because, they are ”couples”. They live together, eat together, sleep together and have sex together. Like seriously? They can’t sit on their own bike together?

I just can’t believe how to ignorant and stupid the Duterte govt can be. Although, I know that for so many years they’ve always been that way. Except the blind fascists who continued to shower him with praises despite all the scandals and glaring incompentence showed by his administration.

I hope this decision would surely be a wake-up call to all the blind fascists out there. Most notably called as the ”DDS” or Die Hard Duterte Supporters. You’re not exempted to your ”Tatay Digongs” stupidty. And I’m sure you’re duty bound to follow this stupid policy. Not to mention, you’re Tatay Digongs cr0nies who designed or manufactured these plastic dividers will surely earn big time out from it on your expense!

Imagine if the pandemic has abated and all the lockdowns lifted. What will you do with those specially designed plastic dividers? Are you just going to throw them away? This is insanely irresponsible. Not only will this be a useless added expense to people but also this will have environmental impacts as well.

I am asking the Duterte government to maybe at least try to speak with Robredo who’s currently doing a lot of sensible solutions to our current problems instead of adding more injury to the already battered and economically deprived citizenry.



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