No Loans, No Emergency Powers: Leni Rushes to Support COVID-Hit Cebu

Cebu City has now become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines. The local populace are all locked up at home since March by strictly enforced quarantine rules and soldiers patrolling the streets. Arrogantly flaunting their high-powered guns, tanks and armored  personnel carriers. The sight of which, makes you think that we’re in the war zone like in Iraq or Somalia? But in reality we’re not and the enemies are invisible to the naked eye.

The enemy is not a terrorist or a hostile, belligerent, but a virus called COVID-19 which apparently originated in Wuhan, China. Before the pandemic reached Philippine shores, it all started with one wrong misjudgment and a consequence of the government’s China-centric policies.

The Duterte government who in the past been increasingly appeases the Chinese government to the point of opening up the country to employ Chinese citizens which inadvertently steal jobs from Filipinos. And then billions of illegal drugs flow from China unchecked and seemingly unchallenged. Then of course, Chinese companies taking control of key national infrastructures, most notoriously the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

The flood of Chinese investment and the government’s unusually China-centric foreign policies doesn’t come with a price of course. So when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded in Wuhan, China. It’s only a matter of time till someone from China actually travels to the Philippines and started spreading the virus around. Of course, given the lax immigration rules for Chinese citizens with many officers easily bribed to sign papers and allow entry of millions of undocumented Chinese.

So essentially speaking, the government’s sloppy response to the COVID-19 threat from the very beginning has allowed the virus to enter the country and spread like wildfire. This is the consequence which our economy paid so dearly to many people losing their jobs and companies eventually declaring bankruptcy.

Cebu City is hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. With as many as 5,740 confirmed cases as of July 2, 2020 and counting. The government responded with yet another round of harsher lockdown by limiting the freedom of movement in the city. This, of course, resulted to many of the city’s inhabitants left with absolutely no food supplies for days. As you know from my previous blog, I’ve contracted the virus, after I went around distributing supplies to these people during the dwindling GCQ days.

It appears that there’s a huge shortage of food and necessary supplies for the people. Many lost their jobs and livelihood because of the lockdown, and the government isn’t even keen on distributing these much needed supplies. My fellow Cebuanos are all desperate for help in any manner possible. The Duterte government responded by sending guns and tanks to quell public dissatisfaction. Even went as far as signing the ”Anti Terror Law” in order to further terrorize the poor and arrest dissidents.

Fortunately for us, amidst all the darkness and doom. One person stood out. And that is, of course, the Vice President herself. Without the need for emergency powers, an army of soldiers, tanks and even hefty high-interest loans. She pushed through and deploys her team to distribute the much needed supplies for the poorest members of the Cebuano society while also providing logistical support to the medical frontliners.

She’s like a shining angel in the pitch-black darkness of the night. Armed with her unconditional love and compassion and a sense of duty to help and support the people of Cebu. Mind you? She’s actually been getting a lot of bashers and trolls all accusing her of corruption, political mediocrity and of course being a fake Vice President. But this hasn’t stopped her in her tracks. She did all that is necessary to support our people in Cebu which is incapacitated by Duterte’s draconian lockdown policies which created a lot more problems than the virus itself.
I am from Cebu City and has since first-hand the willingness of the local-volunteers to help Leni Robredo achieve this rather arduous and difficult task. But at least she knows what’s the best way of shutting down the virus and that is through supporting our medical frontliners and give them all the support they need.
According to her recent interview, she plans on setting up the dormitories and shuttle buses for medical frontliners to help amp up our response against the virus. It’s important that we have more people to take care of the sick and ensure their speedy recovery.
She’s also going to be distributing PPE’s to hospitals to protect our medical-frontliners from the virus. All of these things are happening without the need for more loans and emergency powers.
Mind you, the Vice President isn’t really mandated by law to do all of these things, especially the fact that Duterte didn’t give her any cabinet position to have any meaningful impact and contribution to his tax-funded anti COVID-19 efforts.
Here we have Leni Robredo is exceeding beyond our expectations of a Vice President. In history, we didn’t have a Vice President acts all more ”Presidential” than the President himself. Gave in her very best and rallied the private sector to pitch in and support her social-welfare campaigns under Angat Buhay.
You don’t see Noli De Castro doing all of this when he was the Vice President. Heck, you don’t even hear from him during the entirety of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s presidency. Except for the glaring housing scam when he was the PAG-IBIG Fund chief?
Anyways – you get the idea. The job of the Vice President is simply to stay healthy and be a Presidential spare tire. She doesn’t need to do all the relief efforts that she’s doing now. But she did anyways, so we have to really give her credit for that.

Thank you so much VP Leni Robredo!
Daghang salamat sa imong kinasing-kasing na tabang sa sugbo!



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