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Western Union restricts long-time customers to claim cash and buy medicines despite city lockdown

I’m going to pour my deep disappointment and frustration as well as anger on the management of Western Union Philippines. Just so you know, I’ve been sent funds by a member of our community in Qatar, with which I can buy much needed groceries and medicines for assistance to COVID-affected communities.

To be clear, I have been a long-time customer of Western Union given that it was also where I’m receiving all of my Google Publisher earnings from Google Singapore. Thus, I have a lengthy transaction records with them for a so many years starting in 2014 to be exact. I was using the same ID transacting currencies higher than 20,000 to 50,000 in my previous online business.

In fact, I even paid extra to be part of their membership program which enables you to earn points that can be used to exchange rewards or discounts. I stayed with them despite so many money-remittance options out their because I felt like I’m being cared for as customer.

However, I went to a Western Union branch in Guadalupe, Cebu City and the woman whom I used to transact with is no longer there but yet, another sour looking woman who seems to bark at every customer who stands by the counter.

I overheard her snapping back at a customer who seemingly had problems with her ID as well and couldn’t renew it since the government had been on lockdown for months now. (obviously..)

The said woman was apparently crying — saying she’s in desperate need of the funds that was sent to her by her son in Dubai. She begged and begged but this lady angrily barked at her and told her to call her son and changed the name of the recipient to someone who has an ID.

After several minutes of arguing around. The woman left with a heavy look in her face. Of course? People nowadays are in a serious bind because of the hardened lockdown in the City. Worse, with military roaming every corners of the streets only adding up to the anxiety.

However, when I came forward and gave the lady my MCTN as well as my company ID and BIR TIN ID. She then barked at me and dismissed my ID to be fake. She told me that the scratches around the ID shouldn’t be there and it should be shiny, perfect and looks authentic. I was shocked. I’ve been transacting with my BIR TIN ID and my company ID for years now — is this lady really crazy?

I responded and argued that I’ve been a long-time Western Union customer and that I am desperate of the funds to buy medicines and groceries. But the lady angrily lashes back at me — saying that ID is fake and that I need more ID to verify my God awful existence (whatever she wants….)

Like seriously? How am I supposed to produce the ID she needs when the city is in a hardened lockdown? How am I supposed to get the money now? Is this some kind of a joke in Wester Union’s part? Are you seriously going to put starve people out — just because they either have old un-updated ID’s or maybe not as shiny and new for some of your branch representatives?

Are you people blind and deaf of the realities in the ground? People are desperately hungry and in need of financial assistance from friends, relatives abroad and you people are just making this difficult for them!

I have a recorded video of our confrontation and couldn’t argue more as she told me that she won’t let me walk out unless I deleted the video on my phone. I told her I won’t delete the video and she has no authority to hold me down and lock me up.

I was in the process of reaching out to BIR to get some form of authentication to my BIR TIN Number — if anyone knows or who works with BIR. Are you able to contact them in my behalf so I can authenticate my TIN Number and hopefully get the money that I needed from Western Union?

If you work for Western Union or know the top-management of Wester Union. Please tag them and let them be aware of this incident. Hopefully, you can resolve this and be more lenient as well to people — since you know yourself that the city is in hardened lockdown and people aren’t actually able to go around and visit government offices to update their ID’s or whatever you people need.

This is sick!  I hope Western Union will stand up to its corporate creed of moving money — easily, quickly, and reliably (as it says on your website). People of Cebu City are starving and you people are just making this super complicated for them.

We ought to be more lenient and more understanding in people’s plight instead of being too obsessed that people might cheat the crap out of you when in fact its highly unlikely as well as giving credence to their long history of previous transaction can vouch for itself that they ain’t no scam.

Money-remittance service is a critical business outlet, serving in the frontlines and ensuring that people gets all the help they need. But it seems that you people are just making this difficult (at least that branch in Guadalupe to be exact).






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