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Foreigners in Cebu gave away 1 week’s worth of groceries for more than 300 poor families

I’ve been wanting to write about this as I’ve also been allowed to help make this happen in terms of the distribution and logistical support. And to honest, I didn’t expect that foreigners or ex-pats here in Cebu would be so willing to spend their time, money and distribute groceries to the poorest members of our society here in Cebu.

Of course, 300 families and 1 week worth of supplies may not be much to some people, but nothing compared to the existing food handouts currently being distributed by some local government units. As I’ve witnessed myself – many people were still not receiving their SAP funds and government food subsidies for months. So, at this point, hundreds of families here in Cebu were starving for food.

But fret not as Cebu has superheroes of its own. These people are not even Cebuano’s and no, they don’t have superpowers, but they were actually pretty well-off and were managing well financially in the comfort of their homes. And yet, they chose to break their peace and helped organize this massive grocery supply run, all of that despite the threat of contracting the deadly corona-virus.

This is a great sacrifice, especially for someone who isn’t even Cebuanos or Filipino’s by blood, but they went beyond what it means to be Filipino by helping those in need. Their deeds are an example of the true Bayanihan spirit practiced by our ancestor’s ages ago and also one of the things we’ve become known for in the world.Unfortunately, not everyone is more than willing to sacrifice their safety to step up and help people in need.

There’s a lot of rich well-off kababayan’s out there who chose to blockade their homes and shut off from everyone to protect themselves and their families while many continue to suffer from lack of government subsidies, lost of livelihood and of course, massive supply shortages brought about their dire economic situation. They were quick to judge as to why people aren’t even lock up at home like themselves.\#SanaAll is written all over this article. I just hope my kababayans especially rich Filipinos living in their posh mansions would want to do the same to help their countrymen.
This is a time to be human and not the time to push through rigid societal regimentation. It’s alright to be concerned but we have to know that people aren’t all on the same platform and they go through different challenges each day. Many have lost their jobs and could no longer sustain themselves to buy food and necessities for their family which is why they’re trying to make a small living to keep themselves afloat.

So the moral of the story – be kind, be helpful and of course be empathetic. If you are a Filipino, do what you must to help ease your countrymen’s sufferings and ensure that they could go on another day. This is the time for unity and understanding, not division and hatred.
(This blog post has no political bearing whatsoever)
Just like the superheroes of Cebu – ex-pats, and foreigners from many different countries — all wanting to do the right thing. You too can do the same for your countrymen.

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