Could China really take control of Filipino owned ABS-CBN and use it to brainwash Filipinos?

The news on Philippine govt taking down a popular Filipino owned media-broadcasting company ABS-CBN, even amidst the crazy coronavirus pandemic and a worsening economic situation in the country is just an absolutely a bitter pill to swallow.

Of course, who could easily fathom this brazen move to dislodge and break a free-media institution, simply because the President himself has a personal vendetta against ABS-CBN network after it allegedly failed to air his campaign ads.

In fact, in so many times in his speeches, he threatened to ultimately cut the network out and vowed to close it down because he’s mad about its owners and its dirty corporate practices. Though unclear, which legal conjecture he’s basing his beef against the network from but mostly because of its truthful reportage on Duterte’s War on Drugs and many of its unjust and corrupt policies.

Bear in mind, that the ABS-CBN network has always been one of the best TV stations in the Philippines with many of its documentaries has since won International acclaim. It has since been very open, transparent and in all entirety reported many alleged corruption cases against all Presidents in the past. Thus, it has since maintained its non-partisanship and closely aligned itself only in the service of the Filipinos than Politikos.

But why does ABS-CBN’s franchise hasn’t yet been renewed? Has ABS-CBN violated any laws which could prevent it from renewing its franchise?

The answer is no. ABS-CBN has since filed the renewal as early as 2014 and then in 2016 several moves in the Congress to tackle the renewal of the ABS – CBN franchise, but to no avail Duterte’s ally in the House of Representatives dragged their feet and delayed the renewal up until this point where it expired.

So technically, nothing should stop renewal of the ABS – CBN franchise. Why would they relent this long? Of course, that’s pressure from above. Duterte himself. His allies don’t want to tackle and renew the ABS-CBN franchise because they want the network to close down and forced to sell-out to a new buyer.

A very tempting target for one scheming foreign enemy who’s always been looking for ways to increase Filipino trust and is now salivating in slowly taking over the Philippine starting from the West Philippine Sea.

Why China is involved in this? Of course, Chinese telcos now have control over our critical telecommunications infrastructure and then of course Chinese money owns a stake in NGCP which is, of course, giving them access to our own power grid and at any time they can flip the switch and the Philippines would simply go dark.

ABS-CBN is another avenue that China could really enhance its public and propaganda image through immersing its agenda in carefully crafted messages or shows to solidify its influence over Philippine society and then of course convince Filipinos that China is their overlord and that slowly legitimized its stolen holdings in the West Philippine Sea.

How did I know this? Of course — a known Duterte crony and campaign sponsor ”Dennis Uy” under his so-called Udenna Corporation has recently been mass-buying potentially lucrative companies here and there which is pretty unusual for any small businessman based in Davao,  suddenly getting all that huge financial backing and political capital by simply declaring that he is a friend of the Duterte’s.

It can be noted that Dennis Uy has relied heavily not only on Duterte’s backing but also China’s. State-owned China Telecommunications Corp. is a major shareholder in and primary source of technology for Mislatel, recently renamed as Dito Telecommunity.

In fact, when all the Anti-ABS CBN humdrums were in the rage. Suddenly, Duterte changed his tune and offered a bailout to the company by asking its owners to simply sell it. But who would be the buyers? Of course – you know who.

Just days or weeks after the relentless attacks against ABS-CBN started. Dennis Uy and his Udenna Corporation corporation suddenly out of the blue started venturing into media and entertainment. This sudden foray into media business must certainly mean something.

Most notably, we’ve heard that Dennis Uy even hired Former ABS-CBN executive Donald Lim to lead his group’s media and entertainment business. Coincidence? Of course not – something is up and we know this for sure.

So the idea of clamping down ABS-CBN’s franchise and forcing its owners to sell it out at a very cheap price is more than just stifling free-speech, but also gross dereliction of duty in upholding the public interest as well as  conniving with the enemy. It’s likely though that Dennis Uy’s financial backers may surely have links to the Chinese Communist Party and that the idea of taking over ABS-CBN will surely help China deepen its propaganda channels to effectively manipulate Philippine society.

There you go my friends – China may soon launch new shows under the newly CCP controlled ABS-CBN network in case a Duterte crony may take control of the company and use Chinese money to fund it.

If that happens – it’s all because of the grave ignorance and idiocy of Filipinos to have allowed a foreign country access and key-control over our critical infrastructure that should have been reserved only for Filipino private ownership. If this continues, then a time will come that we can all but despair at a time where we could have done something but we did nothing.



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