Filipinos to police to “Stay at home to save lives”

Even before the coronavirus pandemic. The Philippine police has since been mired with atrocious scandals such as various clandestine assassination attempts, bribery and butchering innocent civilians under the pretense of the War against Illegal Drugs.

More than 25,000 civilians were rounded up and summarily executed by members of the Philippine National Police. Some of them were children whom were either shot down under clandestine anti-drug operation or were unsuspectingly hit by bullets coming out of nowhere because of trigger-happy policemen shooting their weapons with the presence of civilians.

Now, under the coronavirus pandemic – there’s no let-up of the bloodshed as the Chief Executive himself Rodrigo Duterte declared a ”Shoot to Kill” order to all quarantine violators.

And true enough – in April 6, 2020. A 63 year old. frail man were stopped at a checkpoint in the town of Nasipit in the southern province of Agusan del Norte on Thursday, according to police were shot simply because he is not wearing a face-mask.

Next, there’s this 34 year old ex-soldier who apparently been shot at point blank range after the latter attempted to pull out his ECQ pass to show it to the police.

(WATCH : Video of the shooting)


Many Filipinos protested heavily in the suddent uptick of extra-judicial killings despite the threat of the coronavirus which has since claimed hundreds of lives and draining the Philippine economy dry.

Netizens : Police should stay at home in order to save lives

Many netizens posted on Facebook their grave dismay over the government’s brutal response against quarantine violators. Here’s what they have to say

What do you think about this suggestion? I think it would be better that medical front-liners and LGU’s handle the lockdowns without trigger-happy policemen manning the checkpoints with the higher risk of probability in claiming innocent lives.

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