Duterte angrily lashes out to taxpayers “What have you done except to criticize?”

Duterte in one of his late-night show designed to keep the masses informed about the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread community lockdown which left the economy stagnant and many starving.

However, the Chief Executive also used it as an avenue to snap back at his critics or I mean to say — ordinary people though may not fully fanatical to his regime but were also regarded to be as taxpayers funding his regime.

“Kapag sinabi ninyo ako wala, okay wala. Eh kayo? What have you done for the country except to talk and criticize and talk?” he said, “Tapos pagdating ng panahon na magkamatayan ito lahat, bagsakan na, then you look to government for succor.”

This deeply polarizing tone of his speech is actually not unique on many of his previous speeches such as threatening to close down media institutions who covered his brutal War on Drugs and corruption allegations.

This message of ”What have you done for the govt” is quite endemic in the idiosyncratic fanatical Pro Duterte movement and their army of trolls. They presume that everything that the government has — power and money comes from the Chief Executive himself and that its only worthy that we praise and worship him as he is the ”Father” of the nation — albeit infallible in being and in character or even if so, must be respected and obeyed for the good of many.

Now you must ask? Is it really true? Does all of the money comes from the coffers actually comes from the President and his army of elite politicians borne from lavished dynasties from the provinces?

The answer is ”No”. All of the money coming from the coffers of the government actually comes from everyone. Poor or rich. Everyone has their contribution at any point — taxes are everywhere.

You many not have the income tax, but you’re not exempt to value-added tax and if you smoke or drink alcoholic drinks, then you’re also paying the additional sin-tax. Worst, if you’ve been driving along with your motorcycle or jeepney then you have to fuel, which also has an additional excise tax brought about by the newly institutionalized TRAIN Law in 2017.

So essentially speaking – we all have contributed fairly and in many ways should have say in our government. Whether it be to praise and support them or to criticize them. It all boils down to the fact that ”all power from the government emanates from its people” hence for a short refresher in our Hekasi class. The Philippines is a Republic and is governed by laws and laws were drafted and passed by the representatives of the people.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government may not be perfect in its state, but of course it has to do everything to satisfy the needs and wants of the people. After all, it could not exist without the support of the people regardless if they are the majority or the minority of all.

The sheer audacity of snapping back at critics whom were also taxpayers who’s been funding everything and paying him salaries is an insult to our republican and democratic ideals. He is no king and no he is no God.

I know that these are hard times for us. And I myself was of course affected by the lost of income and the grave budget retrenchment.

The harassment of freedom writers is everywhere and people were routinely slapped with unfounded charges for whatever they post on social media.

I’ve been told to keep my opinions meekly private. But I have a moral obligation to write and keep the government on its toes. I’m not going to be intimidated and silenced.

The common-goal of all is to keep our voices be heard and make sure the government does its job and does it well – fair and square. Not to be confused with my dissent and for the trolls who may label me as a detractor of public good.

I support the government policies and its strenuous efforts to contain the COVID-19 contagion, but we must not let our humanity and moral virtue as God-fearing men are at stake here. I can assure you that this will all be over but the hardships that we’ve had to endure under a despotic, corrupt and the Chinese enslaved regime of Rodrigo Duterte will affect us all in the long run.

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