Duterte thanks China, the source of Coronavirus

As the Philippines grapple from the rampaging coronavirus threat which is by this time has more than 50 confirmed cases and then hundreds of suspected cases. Coupled by the lack of medical staff, supplies and manpower to treat and test every suspected individual from every part of the country.

The Philippine President took extra time to thank China’s President for his offer of providing any form of aid to the country. Bear in mind that this is the same country where the coronavirus started.

To be more precise about it. The novel-coronavirus 2019 started from a marketplace in Wuhan, China and then were first noticed at around mid-December last year, but the Chinese authorities desperately suppressed the doctors and journalists in spreading the word about the contagion. However, too late is too late. The Chinese President Xi Jin Ping only announced it almost a month after when the situation in Wuhan has gotten out of hand and the virus has totally spread all over China and with many leaving towards many parts of the globe.

So to be blunt about this. China did things too late, which resulted in the spread of the disease all over the world and for the first time in decades that a disease has been labeled as a pandemic. Had China been proactive enough and listened from its medical practitioners and experts then they should have contained the diseases faster than it can spread and quarantined suspected individuals. But for weeks, they chose to do nothing and suppressed the truth.

You know President Xi Jinping for all of his goodness to us, wrote me a letter and said that he is willing to help. All we have to do is to ask,” Duterte said in a televised briefing

The irony of Duterte’s strenuous expression of gratitude to China when this was in  the fact the main source of the disease and is to be blamed with for the spread of coronavirus for its weeks of inaction and deliberate attempt to censor its citizens and medical professionals.

Also, the virus should not have been able to penetrate the country if only the government had imposed travel ban from China at the most appropriate time possible. However, they relented for far too long to the point where many have already been infected by the deadly pathogen.

So to be exact, we shouldn’t be in the situation we’re all currently in if it were not with the glaring incompetence of our leaders. However, as always – he gets a propaganda boost with his army of trolls, fake news peddlers and of course paid survey machines.

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