Aren’t you tired of being lied to by your idol?

I get it. You idolize him because it makes you feel equally powerful, even if that requires the total surrender of your sense of being and you or your neighbors inherent rights. It seems that there’s a magic in his words, no matter how filthy or baseless, but they do stir you and influence you to such a degree that every phrase, pounces at the very bottom of your heart as if its races you to do things – beyond what society has imposed upon us.

The church and much saner, civilized society taught us to be good and treat others with kindness. We’ve also been taught to speak only the good and the best of others instead of sowing hatred and discord even if they had done you wrong. These are values ingrained at the very foundation of our childhood.

But all of these shatters into oblivion as a populist autocrat brazenly shred all of these core values in tatters and redefine our understanding of selective goodness. Where justice can only be achieved at the end of the sword and that power resides only in the numbers on your bank or your influence in the halls of governance.

A pro-elitist demagogue masquerading as the hero of the common-people by having pictures of him taken eating inside a carenderia stall or simply showing pictures of him casually walking the streets invoking a sense of simplicity while unbeknownst to would-be observers that bodyguards were closely hidden from view.

As it has become apparent in his more than three-years of being President. He has saved the corrupt and protected the powerful elites. Though his propaganda machine portrays him as the defiant leader wrestling with oligarchy when in fact he was only trying to install a new oligarchy controlled and funded by non-other than the Chinese government.

He speaks of wiping out the supposed drug-dealers and users by unleashing his powerful armed

Populist inspired radicalism wrought in fascist ideals has since been the turning point of the Philippines vibrant democracy, though frail at its current state, but has proven to imperviously progressive despite the changing political winds and times. Of course? The freedom of expression has always been used in keeping our leaders accountable for their actions and to ensure the balance of powers, the people seem to be eerily fearful of yet another Marcosian inspired dictatorship.

We are the people who first taught the world that we can topple strongmen with powerful military forces by the mere virtue of organized passive resistance. We marched together hand-in-hand facing the tanks and tear gas and a possibility of being strafed or bombed from the air. We rallied and fervently prayed that our collective desires of restoring our freedoms will not be all for naught and that by daybreak – the country will be rid of its oppressors and will truly be a government of and by the people.

Sure enough, we won. We proved the world the power of passive resistance and peaceful democratic assemblies, were far more deadly and effective which sends shivers down the autocrats spine from around the world.

Since the rise of fascism and the total deterioration of our cultural values. The internet played a very powerful role in the widespread infection that has ravaged much of the Philippine society. Many people shared fake-news articles created by Duterte’s propaganda machine attacking the press and media institutions vital in censoring the government and fact-checking many of the government’s lies.

The sudden calls for the non-renewal or the total revocation of the ABS-CBN Corporation’s franchise to operate despite comply with the government’s protocols, and permits simply because it has aired certain a certain video which has insulted the President.

Duterte’s agents in the House of Representatives push every angle of reasoning to justify its non-renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise. Even going beyond reason and common-sense and or spreading baseless rumors to justify their claims. Such preposterous displays of ignorance are totally uncalled for in the halls of the people’s government.

Why so desperate in shutting down an established media network who for more many decades were already trusted by millions of Filipinos and has become a household name throughout the ages?

This is the start of a total Orwellian takeover. The media is a vital institution which sheds light on the government’s policies and decisions and ensuring that they’re at par with our expectations. If the government controls an influential media company through a loyal crony then much of what we consume each day might actually change and its propaganda efforts will only strenghten to tighten its grip over much of the Philippine society.

Right now, thousands were still being hunted down and murdered by Duterte’s death-squads. Accounting to around 27,000 and counting which includes women and children. Their deaths were mere numbers, but each of them has a story to tell and a life well lived.

All of this hangs in a balance. So long as you continue to stay on the sidelines and watch as many people were being killed, harassed and threatened by a despotic regime led by your idol who in so many instances fooled and lied to you. They take away your money out from outrageously high taxes. How can you fathom all of this? Perhaps, it is time to act and spread the words of resistance. And just like before, so long as we have the collective desire and agenda, then we can change our country for the better and save it from doom.

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