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Filipinos netizens outraged when Chinese man caught in a viral video assaulting a Filipina

Since the sudden upsurge of Chinese immigrants from mainland China brought about by the Duterte’s surprisingly submissive foreign policy by allowing them to come and bribe immigration officials whenever they want as well as giving them tax-perks to build up their own illegal gambling business in the country with absolutely no oversight by the local and national government.

As one official pointed out that these Chinese businessmen have access to the highest seats in the government and could not be compelled to follow relevant laws in the country. Could this be because Duterte declared that its better for the Philippines to be under Chinese rule?

As all of this was happening. Many Filipinos have already felt the negative effects of the mass immigration of Chinese citizens from mainland China. Though at one part, they bring a much-needed boost to our local tourism industry. But they’ve all inconvenienced the locals by taking over condos and apartments at a double the normal rates which left many Filipino businesses to close down due to the mounting expense of keeping their places.

The number of Chinese immigrants was also pushing the already strained public transportation system which for decades has been left vastly incapable of catering to the already bloated commuting population of many of the country’s metropolitan centers.

Chinese workers were also seen spitting, urinating and defecating in parks, and cultural heritage centers and monuments. With one even spitting milk-tea over a policeman as he stops her in bringing over her milk-tea to the train platform. I could only wonder if that was a Filipino citizen. Would she be calmly accosted in the same manner as the Chinese woman who got off pretty lightly?

There are also several incidents wherein a group of drunk Chinese POGO workers was seen driving in a one-way street closely colliding with many of the incoming cars in Mactan, Cebu. A video of the encounter wenAnd t viral online where the Chinese passengers of the vehicle rushed outside the vehicle naked and attacked nearby bystanders.

And then now, another viral video surfaced online. This time is a young Filipina woman being attacked and abused by what appears to be a group of Chinese men.

The video started off with a heater argument between the foreign national and the Filipina. There is no clear context to what’s happening but you could hear the girl saying “I’m Seventeen”.

(WATCH the video below)

The video uploaded by Pilipinas Anti Kurakot quickly went viral and had over 60,000 views and had been shared more than 3 thousand times. Many of our kababayans responded negatively on the video as if its pretty symbolic of China’s treatment to our country and our people.

I am not one to foment xenophobia. China and the Philippines both shared many historical cultures that mutually shaped our history as trade-partners for many millennia. I am in love of the Chinese culture and its people.

But the spat between our country and China were reminiscent to old Cold War tensions of the past.  When the Communist forces overtook China and the Philippines gained back democracy and was known to have heralded many democratic movements all around the globe including the fall of the Berlin Wall between the East and West Germany.

As China under Mao’s dictatorial regime tightens. So does many of its people’s rights to freely express themselves and choose their leaders. In fact, many of its people were slowly being educated in a bit more differently and perceived China as the center of the world. Thus, invoking a sense of ultranationalist tendencies which could explain why many of China’s mainland citizens were somewhat arrogant.

The strife between our countries all started with China claiming the entire West Philippine Sea as theirs under what supposedly was based on historical claims out from an ancient sea-map during the Chinese imperial period.

All of these claims have since been debunked under the competent leadership of former President Aquino back in 2016. However, Duterte overturned this victory by bowing down to China and disregarding our legal victory in the Permanent Arbitration Court making it merely a farce defiance to Chinese influence.

China then brazenly informed its citizens that the majority of the West Philippine Sea was theirs and that the Filipino people were all weakly attempting to assert control over these chains of islands. Thus, created a sense of mutual hatred between us. Which could explain why many of the Chinese immigrants were treating many Filipinos so badly.

Here’s what Filipino netizens has to say about the viral video incident.


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