Broken hearts, broken children

It has been more than 3 years since the Duterte regime held power by amassing huge popular support in its campaign promise of eradicating illegal drugs in the country. In those tumultuous years were unabashed bloodshed and reckless debauchery to kill innocent civilians including children under the pretense of his intensive anti-drug war effort.

There have been many instances where the police deliberately planted drugs and weapons to victims after which claiming that the said suspects fought back to justify their brutal actions. In fact, in one instance. A cancer survivor was caught in a checkpoint and then were detained after the latter refused to allow the policemen access to his bank account. He was tortured and ultimately died inside his cold cell. Police claimed that the man looked pale and thin which they suspect might be a drug addict.

In a closely similar incident, a man was abducted by policemen in the province of Cebu and executed him with a bullet on his head. However, he survived and when brought to the nearest government hospital – the medical staff refused to aid him and even videotaped him as he desperately clawed and writhed for help. Worst, some members of the medicial personnel were even heard laughing in the background.

Despite relentless backslash from progressive and human rights groups in the country and abroad. The Duterte administration continued to deny these allegations and continued pin the blame on the liberals and communist insurgents whom were alleged to be in cahoots to destabilize the government.

But then, with all the debates and protests going on in both offline and online. Many of the people don’t really feel the threat of Duterte’s brutal and abusive policies. In fact, during the midterm elections – many continued to vote for the same people who in the past been instrumental in pushing Duterte’s anti-drug war agenda and has since been responsible in the massive carnage of more than 28,000 people.

Those that are in this list were actually mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and even children. They were not just a name on the growing list of casualties under Duterte’s drug war. They were note some merciless murderer or allegedly notorious drug offenders. All of them were human-beings. All of them still citizens of this free-country. Who by all means deserves all the rights and protection by the government and not the other way around.

But believe me – I despair more than anything else the plight of the orphaned children in Duterte’s drug war. I know this as in my previous blog-posts. I saw one incident wherein the child wept hysterically over his father’s corpse. The shrilling sound of which continues to reverberates to my ears and down to my soul. It itches a portion of my heart that I will never forget in my lifetime.

These are innocent children – their lives are now totally in tatters. Many has even lost both their mother and father and would now be faced with the reality of living in the streets. I know one who stopped studying and were now aimlessly straggling from street to street looking for morsels of bread in every neighborhood trash-bins.

How can the government fathom the fact that as it now appeared that the Duterte administration really hasn’t achieve nothing during the course of three years? Truth be told that according to data released by former ICAD Co Chair and Vice President Leni Robredo that anti-drug war efforts yielded only less than 1% of the total illegal drugs circulated and presumably being consumed domestically based on PNP’s estimates.

To date, there has been 16,000 orphaned children and who barely couldn’t fend for themselves in the chaotic cities of Cebu and Manila or in many parts of the country today. We must not forget them. We must #rememberlove

Remember their past. Give to their future.
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