The Duterte virus is equally dangerous to the 2019-nCov virus

Since the past few days. The Philippines were crazily stirred up in social-media and on the streets where many people lined up in long queues to buy a bottle of alcohol and of course a box of surgical mask.

This all started when a Chinese woman who travelled in Dumaguete, Cebu and Manila were confirmed to have been diagnosed by the lethal  2019 novel corona-virus.

Despite these troubling developments. The fascist Duterte regime downplays the dangers that the virus may pose on the Philippines whom were ill-prepared to face the extremely virulent 2019 novel corona-virus and that in case of mass pandemic, our weakly organized health institutions won’t be able to cope up with the task.

Especially, the Duterte administration has cut off critical public health budget and stagnated medical staff pay increases or worst even fired 10,000 health workers just save up all the money spent on public health, in favor of his police force whom were his trusted yes-men whenever he decides to kill and butcher innocent civilians in his fake War against Drugs.

Now under threat by a dangerous virus — DOH budget is currently, ill-prepared to face the challenges, given that Duterte cut off their budget by 16 billion pesos

The saddest part of this is that the government continues to refuse the total temporary ban of Chinese citizens entering the country. Despite knowing that other countries has already banned direct flights to and from China.

Yes, this could make a significant dent on China-PH relations. However, the Duterte administration must set aside its honeymoon euphoria with Xi and focus more on ensuring the security and the public health of his people.

Crazy, right? But wait — there’s more. Most of his fanatical supporters and diehard fans, including of course, certain celebrities and social-media influences defend Duterte’s actions and even invoking the words ”humanity” and ”racial discrimination” against Chinese citizens.

These were the same people who laughed at Duterte’s misogynist jokes regarding raping women, fingering his maid and of course pimping Filipino OFW’s in Saudi Arabia.

Also, the exact same people who, until now, were completely playing blind and deaf on his policy of mass genocide — indiscriminately butchering innocent civilians from the poorest members of the society.

Those who appeared thin and sickly were labeled as ”drug addicts” and then were reportedly listed in their local brgys. And then, those people on the list were hunted down by vigilantes and then killed.

I have seen all of these atrocities in my very eyes – and yet. Many of my friends in the church and those whom I considered as people of great wisdom chose to be silent and has even encouraged others to do the same.

The Duterte virus – as I call them, is a virulent social phenomena with strong fascist roots. Its main weapon was to stir and exploit the public’s ignorance regarding certain issues through the use of carefully tailored propaganda messages which indirectly manipulates their beliefs and political convictions.

It’s a far more ruthless and dangerous which has so far infected the masses in far greater scale than the 2019 nCov virus. In fact, it could even be the same virus that would eventually open up the gates and put the rest of the country vulnerable to a risky pandemic.

Why? Just as I’ve said. These were the exact same propaganda messages that we’re now currently spreading like wildfire on the Internet. They entice feelings of selective empathy to help promote the agenda of the regime.

As noted by a very popular Anti-Duterte blogger, Filipino of the Year and awarded by Germany, Deutsche Welle as one of its ‘Champions of Free Speech’ — Pinoy Ako Blog (Jover Laurio). That there’s a sudden increase of ”copy-paste’ trolls in social-media, most of them were hijacking  threads and posts to undermine the public perception of the Duterte regime and the calls for the temporary ban of Chinese tourists in the country.

This has also been reported by major news outlets such as Philstar who listed down a huge number of fake social media accounts posting the exact same versions of messages over and over again..”



These clearly were the works of a huge troll-farms funded by the Duterte regime to help spread lies and disinformation all across social-media. In fact, a respected university in the United States has studied this phenomena and concluded that around 200,000 USD spent by Duterte to fund similar troll farms.

We are clearly in grave danger of being paralyzed and left brain-dead by the Duterte virus. It will make a zombie out of us. Completely blind, deaf and absolutely no control over our emotions, beliefs and opinions.

Incompetence in the halls of governance, especially in the Congress and then all of his grossly shameless policies to undermine public scrutiny by attacking the freedom of the press as well as its desperate cover-up on its human rights abuses.

Unless, the Duterte virus be quashed and cured, then majorit y of the masses could rise up with the opportunity of defending the country against vitriol fascist dictators like Duterte and his Cabinet of monsters.

Let us all hope that we ”the people” can resist the Duterte virus and temporarily stop the entry of Chinese tourists in the country in order to quell the uptick virus contractions in the country.

That is if ”we can”…

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