Duterte to gamble Filipino lives so China won’t get angry

As you know that we have now just confirmed that a woman from Wuhan, China actually travelled through Hongkong and arrived at our airports undetected despite having carried the deadly corona virus with her.

She appeared to have met some unsuspecting locals and passengers along her connecting flights. First, she flew to Hong Kong then hopped on a flight to Cebu. Then she took a flight to Dumaguete, and from there to Manila.

Those people were now being tracked by the DOH Epidemiology Bureau. However, it may already be too late as those people might have also contracted the disease to others and so on and so forth.

The woman arrived in Manila via Hong Kong on Jan. 21. She is now in an undisclosed government hospital in Metro Manila. The samples from the Chinese woman were sent to the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory in Australia for testing, which, just several weeks later turned out to be positive with the same strain of the corona virus 2019-nCoV.

What started as a mystery virus last month in Wuhan, China, has now killed at least 170 people and infected thousands more around the world

This strain of corona-virus, which scientists identified as (2019-nCoV) were a type of betacoronavirus, like MERS and SARs, all of which have their origins in bats. Which explains why, it started in Wuha, China as the locals were known to have since been consuming bat soups and meat as sort of a delicacy.

Image result for china bat soup"

Image result for china bat soup"

It is highly like that 2019-nCoV mutated because of increasing human consumption of bat meat, which gradually allowed it to infect human-beings apart from their usual bat hosts.

Duterte not keen on banning travel to China amid confirmed coronavirus case in PH from a Chinese tourist

Meanwhile, in the Philippines – The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte maintains ‘‘NO BAN” of Chinese citizens entering the country despite the recent confirmed case of a Chinese woman who slipped through several airports in Cebu and Dumaguete undetected, until eventually she was caught up in Manila and were then admitted to an undisclosed public hospital.

And as I have mentioned, the woman surely might have met many people along the way and likely passed the disease to others.

Despite this, the Philippine government was still not keen on securing our seaports and airports from Chinese tourists who likely were exposed to the virus as it spreads in all China.

In fact, the government will no longer be sending suspected coronavirus tests to an Australian laboratory and would have to do the tests themselves. Thus, increasing the likelihood of a massive cover-up in order to allay fears of the infection and keep the Anti-China sentiments at bay.

Since our government, really doesn’t care about our welfare and our health. So it’s really up to us to prevent yourself from being infected by the virus. So what you can do? Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing and sneezing, the World Health Organization says.
Other symptoms of this coronavirus include fever and shortness of breath. Severe cases can lead to pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.


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