Batangas Vice Mayor ignores eruption warnings because lava will stop when it gets wet

The vice mayor of Talisay, Batangas, Charlie Natanauan appealed to the fascist dictator Rodrigo Duterte to use his magic spell and hopefully reverse the detailed scientific findings of PHIVOLCS Chief seismologist Renato Solidum who has since warned local residents to stay put in their respective evacuation areas as the volcano appears to be gathering strength and may be due to an explosive eruption.

According to him, no mortal would be able to predict the time and the scale of the volcanic eruption as these were beyond the reach of modern science. He even questioned the Chief seismologist  — ”Is he God?”

He also said that once the lava came trickling down the volcano during the eruption, it would then easily be doused off as it approaches the water because it’ll naturally get wet and the damage would surely be minimal.

Is it? Well, I’m not sure if Vice Mayor is actually exerting extra efforts in doing his research first, before blurting out this non-sense arguments, he must know that he is putting more than 70,000 people’s lives at risk, the very moment that he them to go back within the critically dangerous areas near Taal Volcano as it is expected to erupt anytime sooner.

FACT: Water can’t stop lava flow

When the  Iceland’s Eldfell Volcano erupted in 1973 on the island of Heimaey. The local authorities immediately sprayed 1.5 billion gallons of ice-cold seawater, hoping the cooling effects of the water would halt the lava. But it never did and plowed through portions of several towns and killing many.

Why is it the case? Well, the lava flow isn’t just your ordinary molten piece of earth but it was actually super super hot at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit! “It may flow like sticky syrup, but is more dense than cement,” according to Benjamin Andrews, director of the Global Volcanism Program at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Experts suggest that the best option that the government could do in such scenarios would have been to better utilize their resources and educate residents on evacuation preparedness and public awareness of the dangers of a possible volcanic eruption in their area.

PHIVOLCS currently pegged an Alert Level 4 over Taal, which means a hazardous eruption is still possible within the next several days. Though they’ve observed weaker volcanic earthquakes, but found that the a signficant amount of emitted sulfur dioxide (SO2) is currently fluctuating, which means magma is actively degassing beneath Taal.

“The island has slightly tilted while being pushed. Some portions in the northeastern side are sinking and more than 600 volcanic tremors have been recorded since Sunday, signifying a continued rise of magma..” – Solidum (PHIVOLCS Chief Seismologist)

The Chief Seismologist of PHIVOLCS has since warned the public to stay away from the volcano’s 14-kilometer radius danger zone as a major explosive eruption looms as magma continues to rise near the crater of the volcano.

Why should we believe him? Simply because his findings were backed by science and hypothetical evidence which points to a possible built-up of magma within the core of the volcano.

In fact, he noticed a sudden uptick of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which means that magma is actively degassing beneath Taal.

Imagine if those 70,000 people would be forced to go back within the close vicinity of the volcanic ticking timebomb? Those people would surely be putting their lives in the hands of an ignorant diehard fascist who care less about their safety, but more on satisfying their irrational desires to go home — and possibly, just possibly win more votes next elections?

This is the state of Philippine politics right now. Becoming more sordidly irrational and illogical to the point where all we might need is just;  some lights and sounds and of course a ferris wheel and then Philippine politics would surely be a world-class circus.

The practice of downplaying expert opinions from real experts in their field as well as setting aside their reasonable and superbly beneficial recommendations, has surely been common practice under the Duterte regime.

Like, say the navy asset acquisition project of a certain ship module which appeared to have certain incompatibilities, towards a particular hardware recommended to them by no less than the Bong Go himself during his sting as Presidential Advisor.

The mere fact that the office of the President meddled in the navy acquisition process to favor a certain military supplier, and while ignoring expert recommendations and demands from the navy chiefs themselves is already a testament of their unfathomable incompetence and complete disregard to the nation’s best interest.

So, if Vice Mayor, Charlie Natanauan is extremely eager to return back near the erratic Taal Volcano charging up for a major explosion. Why can’t he do so all by himself without bringing along with him more than 70,000 innocent lives towards certain danger?

If he may also please bring Rodrigo along with him

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