Mocha mistook Leni’s 1% seized drugs data versus 80% drug-war approval rating

Mocha Uson the currently sitting OWWA executive who enjoys being paid by taxpayer money and appears to be still in control of the notorious fake news blog page MOCHA USON BLOG in Facebook has published a new photo condemning Leni Robredo regarding her most recent ICAD report.

Unbeknownst to Mocha Uson is that the SWS 80% approval ratings were merely derived from face-to-face interviews of more than 1,500 adults in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This doesn’t mean that it’s 80% of the entire adult population in the Philippines.

And while I do not dismiss the authenticity of the SWS surveys approval rating of Duterte’s Drug War. However, I must insist the fact this should not be the only basis with which we can twist democratic norms and social justice just because the majority wants them.

But before we dwell into that any further. I must insist that Mocha Uson clearly do not seem to understand where did the 1% drugs seized data came from in the first place though this was prominently cited in Leni Robredo’s ICAD report. Yet, Mocha Uson unwittingly used cheap disinformation tactics yet again to mislead her followers into believing that 80% is bigger than 1% — which is completely taken out of context and its like comparing apples and oranges.

May I remind our readers again that since the 1% seized drugs data were based on the year by year data from both PNP and PDEA wherein the amount of drugs currently consumed per drug-addicts in the country appears to exceed the kilograms of drugs seized by law enforcement agencies. Thus, it appeared that many the said drugs were either seized and recycled or perhaps some sort of data discrepancy on the side of PDEA and PNP.

Mocha’s stupid understanding of the Robredo’s ICAD report wherein 80% SWS is bigger than 1% (Clearly, this wasn’t the case)

Yes, it’s true that Duterte’s Anti Drug campaign may not have succeeded, but there’s always an opportunity to improve and make some modifications based on the readily available data provided to us by relevant government agencies working for ICAD.

Such in the case of Leni Robred’s ICAD report. She has made a detailed recommendations which should help Duterte in his fight against illegal drug-trade and that it would be better that she acknowledge Leni’s efforts and work together to attain a bright future for us all.


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