It was Duterte who first declared his drug war a failure and Leni simply proved it

When Leni publicly revealed her findings of Duterte’s Drug War data including of course the consolidated data from various agencies under ICAD during her stint as an ICAD Co-Chair. Many of Duterte’s allies and supporters denounced Leni’s atrocious candor stating that Duterte’s Drug War is actually falling below 1% in terms of the percentage of drugs seized and consumed in the country.

To better understand this, we need to simply refer with PNP Drug Enforcement Agency estimate of  3,000 kilograms were approximately consumed every week with the basic estimate of 3 million drug addicts or 0.001 kilograms per user and 156,000 kilos every year

And yet, however. It appears that even PDEA themselves as published in their website in their Anti Drug Accomplishments (Volume of Drugs seized..) seized 1,344 kilos of shabu from January to October 2019.

156,000 kilos of shabu consumed every year and yet in 2019 alone PDEA were only able to seize 1,344 kilo of shabu? Where’s the rest of them?

Despite, Panelo’s constant nagging that Robredo’s calculations were incorrect. A University of the Philippines statistics professor Peter Cayton told Rappler in its article that Robredo’s computations and comparisons were correct.

“Generally, it is okay to use the estimated value in comparison to actual seizures,” – UP Statistics Professor Peter Cayton

But despite the clarity of Robredo’s message and the prolifically prepared ICAD report. Many of Duterte’s allies and supporters continued to harangue her for making such statements. In fact, there’s this populist mayor in Manila who even openly called Robredo’s actions irresponsible, saying that its actually very insulting to the policemen who puts their lives on the line for Oplan Tokhang.

However, it seems that many of Duterte’s allies and supporters failed to understand the data being presented and blamed Robredo for actually pointing out the dismal performance of Duterte’s Drug War as it has become apparent from the data of PNP Drug Enforcement Agency and PDEA.

It was Duterte, who first declared his drug-war a failure

In retrospect, even before Robredo made his scathing revelations using reliable data from the same government agencies under the influence of the Duterte government showing the ill performance of the drug war.

Duterte in many of his previous speeches. Which if we were to be exact was a statement made last year April 2019 during a campaign rally in Malabon City for the midterm elections.

He said the drug trade even worsened even if he had ordered that drug traders be killed.

“You can read it every day, even in the crawler of the TV networks. There are billions worth of drugs. Before, it was only thousands. Drugs, I cannot control, son of a b****h, even if I ordered the deaths of these idiots,” – Duterte (April, 2019)

So now we know that Duterte openly admitted that his war on drugs is a total failure and is becoming out of control. Thus, I don’t think attacking Leni for echoing his similar statements and along with it were glaring data inconsistencies between PDEA and PNP regarding the total number of illegal drugs being seized and consumed year by year.

To be frank. Robredo sincerely wants Duterte’s Anti Drug campaign to succeed, hence she offered evidence-based recommendations on how he could do it better

The first solution was to make the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) chief, not the director-general of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the chair of ICAD. Secondly, appoint a commander of the National Anti-Illegal Drug Task Force mandated to be formed under ICAD. Next, allow civil society groups and local government units (LGUs) to be part of ICAD. Then the government must complete its baseline data on the number of drug dependents for which they can create a system to track individuals after their arrest or surrender.

Robredo’s proposed solutions:

  • Realign funds under the annual national budget to support the entire campaign against drugs, removing the imbalance between allocations for law enforcement and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Before the DDB declares a barangay as drug-free, there should be proper screening and provision of interventions to drug surrenderees.
  • Duterte should certify as urgent the passage of bills institutionalizing the Anti-Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) and Anti-Drug Abuse Office (ADAO) in all levels of local government.
  • Duterte should also certify as urgent the measure that would formally create the community-based drug rehabilitation program in all barangays nationwide.
  • Stop requiring LGUs to give their list of drug surrenderers, as the practice “leads to unwillingness and fear on the part of the drug dependents.”
  • Amend the plea bargaining framework to ensure that drug dependents are screened and directed to appropriate interventions for rehabilitation.
  • Create a central database for all drug-related cases to guide courts and prosecutors in dealing with plea bargaining.
  • Adopt a unified manual for the investigation and prosecution of illegal drugs cases.
  • The DDB should prioritize to build more in-patient and out-patient drug rehabilitation facilities in areas where drug dependency is prevalent.
  • Establish targeted reintegration programs for former drug users and pushers who were “successfully rehabilitated.”
  • Because the spread of illegal drugs is rooted in poverty, anti-poverty programs should also target drug-infested areas. The government should also institute evidence-based drug prevention programs in schools and the communities.
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