Robredo revealed that less 1% of drugs seized by govt for the last 3 years

During Robredo’s brief  stint as ICAD Chair given to her by President Rodrigo Duterte himself to try and enable her to contribute and help in his anti-drug campaign but only to be fired 18 days later for fears that Robredo might uncover more secrets such as the list of high-value targets.

During her days as ICAD chair. Robredo said that she met with every concerned agencies under ICAD and acquired all the relevant documentations and data about the anti-drug campaign for the past three years.

Now, in her bombshell press-conference today January 6th, 2019. She revealed that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency showed it only seized 1,344 kilos shabu from January to October, 2019; 785 kilos in 2018; and 1,053 kilos in 2017.

While the police estimate going P1.3 trillion worth of shabu circulating in the country every year. But, the Anti-Money Laundering Council only stemmed off P1.4 billion worth of narcotic funds.

“Malinaw na malinaw na ayon mismo sa opisyal na datos, sa kabila ng lahat ng Pilipinong pinatay at lahat ng perang ginasta, hindi lumampas sa 1 porsyento ang naipit natin sa suplay ng shabu at sa perang nakita mula sa droga,”
– Leni Robredo


If you can only remember that during Robredo’s stint as ICAD Chair. Most of Duterte’s allies in the Congress and of course the PDEA Chief himself relented to provide Robredo all the information she needs regarding the High Value Target list.

But despite this, Robredo worked very hard in visiting many of the drug-rehabilitation centers and even areas known to have large number of drug-addicts.

She pushed a non-violent and full pledged anti-drug war campaign with its main thrust was to hunt down big time druglords and stop them from distributing their illegal cargo everywhere in the country.

Robredo ICAD Chair for 18 days yielded more than 5.7 Million+ drugs and not a single death from extra judicial killings.

Robredo in her press conference today said that it would be better for the ICAD’s chairmanship to be transferred to the Dangerous Drugs Board from the PDEA, claiming that it neglected other aspects of the drug war by focusing on apprehending street-level drug peddlers.

This recent revelation that there’s only less than 1% of drugs were actually seized by the Duterte govt is a stark reality that this ”War on Drugs” is fake and must be stopped at all cost.

Bear in mind that there’s been more than 25,000 people murdered by the Duterte administration in cold-blood and they all died for nothing as the drug problem continues to worsen under the Duterte administration.

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