PNP looking for sympathizers of Soleimani but Locsin just called him Julius Caesar?

After the assassination of the Iranian general whom was found to be supporters of terrorist attacks in the Middle East by supplying arms and complex bomb-making materials.

The Philippine government immediately sprang into action by investigating potential security threats from the Iranian govt against the US and its allies including the Philippines.

And the first step of understanding common people capable of carrying such attacks would most likely come from known sympathizers of Soleimani.

This is according to PNP officer-in-charge Archie Gamboa that Camp Crame is already building up a list of potential personalities whom were extremely sympathetic to the slain Iranian general.

But little do they know, we’ve already found one candidate that is currently working for the government as the Chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs. It’s Teodoro Locsin himself.

Locsin says Soleimani was the ‘greatest commander since Julius Caesar’

As published on Teddy Locsin’s verified Twitter account. He said. “He [Soleimani] is possibly one of the great commanders in history. Soleimani, you cannot beat him on the battlefield he is arguably the greatest commander since Julius Caesar. That’s all there is to it,”

So you see? If PNP is looking for possible suspects then they already found one under the person of Teddy Locsin. Please add him up the list.


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