OWWA swiftly rescued our abused kababayan in Kuwait!

First of all, I am very thankful for this government’s swift and decisive action in rescuing our kababayan in Kuwait. I just wished that they’ve had the same fervor in doing their duties on previous incidents of abuse, they’re in Kuwait, where the unfortunate victims did not survive long enough to be rescued.

Nevertheless, I have been approached by someone on my page more than 24 hours ago telling me that his partner who just recently left for Kuwait to work as a Domestic Helper last December.

He said that Melody has since been trying to contact relatives but her phone and other means of communications were unjustly cut off by her employer. Also, when she was able to contact her husband through Facebook chat. She then gave him coded messages, including a phone number with which he must contact before its too late.

When her husband contacted the number. He was then able to reach Melody and were told of her daily beatings and mental torture from her employer to the point that she spent her entire Christmas crying in her room.

So when I received all this information from Melody’s husband. I immediately started posting on Facebook and on Twitter, tagging along, many people under the Duterte administration, including Teddy Boy Locsin and Mocha Uson.

Setting aside politics, using our social-media accounts to urge the rescue of our Kababayan in Kuwait

From that moment on, I did received some snide comments from some Duterte followers but they too realize the importance of these posts and right on the other side. A life of an abused Kababayan in Kuwait could be in grave danger. In rather surprising turn of events, the then social-media detractors turned social-media ambassadors calling out the government agencies concerned for their swift action in the rescue of Melody from her employer.

That being said. Our united efforts in helping our kababayan in need ultimately caught the attention of some high-ranking OWWA officials and that as a result. They eventually commented on one of my posts and assured us that they’ll be looking into it. Which eventually within just 24 hours from my initial post.

Melody was rescued from her employers and is now under the care of her employment agency there in Kuwait and will soon be going home bearing the wounds and the mental trauma whilst bringing not even a single cent or income to help her family.

If you are interested in helping Melody and her family. Please feel free to send me an email so I can direct you to her husband.

My email at



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