Happy New Year 2020! Here’s hoping, no more 0202!

My dearest followers, subscribers and patrons. I sincerely apologize for the extent of my inactivity where I am not as keen as I used to when responding email messages, PM’s and of course troll comments. I know many of you may have noticed this  since last month. But I want you to know that I’m just right here monitoring the troubling developments in the Philippine political scene.

Just to give you an idea of my apparent absence. It was because of my father who unfortunately been struck with a stroke which left him paralyzed on the left side of his body. So basically, he could no longer move his arms and legs and could no not balance properly to stand up and do all the things he normally do.

I spent most of my December days taking care of him and while doing some work remotely at home. It was pretty tough as I was his only son. My mother died when I was 16 and since then I’ve been pretty independent and doing much of the hustle for the most part of my life.

Though, I’m still happy that despite all the financial pressures, worries and stress that comes along with taking care of someone dear to you — you can see that your efforts were all paying off as he somehow recovered at an incredibly phenomenal rate. As a result, my father was discharged from the hospital just the night before Christmas and luckily we were able to celebrate Christmas together at home.

So again. My belated Merry Christmas and of course Happy New Year to all the followers, likers, supporters and patrons of the Juan Luna Blog!

You know – I can never get through the day without thinking of you guys. All your greetings, emails and messages of support on Facebook and Twitter is pretty heartwarming.

Despite all the problems and of course the relentless cyber-attacks were getting from the blog site and of course the number of trolls which continues to exploit our posts and hijack them with fake news and vitriol non-sensical commentaries designed to keep as distracted.

Mind you? Their goal was to keep the people divided in many of the political turmoils and controversies where our correct understanding and judgement could have made a huge difference in choosing the right leaders and supporting the right policies, could have made this country be better that it is now.

As I can recall. The number of trolls operating in social-media, most particularly here in Facebook where millions of active Filipino users congregate in various social-media pages and groups was apparently getting higher than they have ever been last year.

You and I know that hijacking social-media could actually gave rise to a powerful monopoly of online voices ushered by paid trolls or automated bots. Since there’s a fine line between free-speech and cyber-terrorism using large number of fake accounts designed to create a fake impression of solid popular majority.

The makeup of each of these groups depends on the type of echo-chamber content they’re creating amongst themselves. But this is exactly the reason why most of our leaders were playing the cards right by putting the blame against the so-called ”yellow media” or perhaps even the ever so powerful ”Dilawan” (Liberal Party).

This 2020, I pray and I hope that we can finally break the walls that divides us and try to connect to our most human instincts and an innate desire of a vibrant liberal democracy which shaped and developed most of our previously poor neighbors like Japan and South Korea into becoming economic behemoths of our time.

The surest way to stop all of these cyber-manipulation and clear the smoke dust of deceit continuously thrown at us by Duterte funded trolls and propagandists is to try and balance our understanding of current events. If not, try to listen to the other side of the political spectrum and weight out which of the parties were being reasonable.

Remember that this isn’t always about you or the core beliefs you hold. This is about the truth and of course the preservation of democracy and for us to better secure our rights against oppressive and abusive authoritarianism.

This 2020, please please please. Stop being 0202. I know that kind rhymes, but yes, I’m sternly implying its importance. Because, regardless if you agree with the core beliefs, but if its wrong, its wrong. No sheer number of likes or shares could ever change the facts and manufacture biased haft-truths.

Once again, here I hope for yet another year where the Filipino people may once and for all stand firm against opportunistic demagogues like Duterte. There can be no greater consolation for us to save lives from his policy of mass butchery and of course to ease the pains of TRAIN Law which further eroded many of our Kababayan’s income.

You and I must start believing in the power of our mind and the power of reason. No Duterte’s or Marcos will build you a country of integrity, ideals and glorious distinction rather than ourselves. We don’t deserve to be worshipped infallible idols — rather it it would be more prudent for us to be the watchmen of our freedom and struck hard against these would-be thieves who try to snatch it away from us.

We may never know. Before 2020 ends. An opportunity may once again present itself to liberate us from Chinese backed populist like Duterte and Marcos.

There’s only one core-belief you should incorporate down to the deepest fathoms of your heart. Love your country more than anything. Stand only for truth — nothing else.

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