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Filipino’s from the US may soon be required a Filipino VISA just to go home to the Philippines

After the US govt approved the provisions of the Magnitsky Act, which effectively banned all public officials who instigated in the wholesale slaughter of Filipinos under Duterte’s Drug War. Duterte and his allies of corrupt, brutish and arrogant politikos plans to also limit the entry of American tourists, including Filipino OFW’s coming home to spend time with their love-ones.

“We will not sit idly if they continue to interfere with our processes as a sovereign estate,” – Salvador Panelo

The controversial provision in the US national budget allows US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “apply sub-section (c) to foreign government officials about whom the Secretary has credible information have been involved in the wrongful imprisonment of… Senator Leila De Lima who was arrested in the Philippines in 2017.”

Sub-section (c) refers to the Global Magnitsy Human Rights Accountability Act, a US law which allows the American government to ban suspected human rights violators from entering the US, as well as freeze their assets.

Duterte to retaliate and impose VISA limits to American tourists, including law-abiding OFW’s with dual-citizenship returning home from America

The signing of the Magnitsky Act truly reverberates and shook the very foundation of Duterte’s fascist regime. Many of his allies who had families and of course businesses abroad, including bank accounts with an unknown sum of money. Which meant that the US govt can now find them and freeze those accounts.

Who are those politicians? Well, for one — we have the bible-quoting pastor who also similarly pushed for death-penalty Senator Manny Pacquiao. The pound-for-pound king of Philippine boxing goes to the US to fight boxing championships and then returning home with loads of US dollar income.

In fact, rumor has it that even before the signing of the Magnitsky Act. The Filipino senator immediately posted many of its properties for sale in their bid to take the money out of the country beyond the reach of the US govt.

So you can only wonder how this came to them as a shock as the sanctions may soon cover other Western countries like Canada, Australia and European Union.

The Magnitsky Act only covers politicians who supported human-rights violations in the Philippines but Duterte instead retaliated in the broadest sense possible by limiting American tourists access to VISA which may surely affect our tourism industry.

Bear in mind that 1,034,396 Americans came in to the country as of 2018 not to merely work in POGO’s or perhaps study, but to languish in expensive hotels and spend their money travelling around the country which is good for the economy and helped improve the lives of the locals who lived in far-flung islands in the country.

Unfortunately, the Duterte administration couldn’t care less about the consequence of imposing VISA requirements to one of the Philippines biggest share of tourist arrivals. Worst, the said sanctions may even affect Filipinos from America who simply wanted to come and visit the country to spend time with their love-ones.

I wouldn’t mind if Duterte bans US politicians in the same manner that Magnitsky Act does, but Duterte and his ignorant and absolutely clueless allies thinks otherwise and wants to impose sanctions to all American tourists regardless of the nature of their visits — this may include of course investors or clients in the BPO industry or simply OFW’s wanting to go back home and spend time with their families.

Whichever is the case. This statement alone should already give you a hint of Duterte’s reckless vengefulness not minding the consequence of his policies and actions for as long as it served his own interests or of that his cronies and allies.

Poor Filipino OFW’s. They’ll soon be required to apply a Filipino VISA just to go home to the motherland. Truly, Change Scamming!

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