Duterte insults upcoming 500 year celebration of Christianity in the Philippines

During his speech in the turnover of the Certificates of Land Ownership Award to agrarian reform beneficiaries from the Bangsamoro region. He attacked the plan of many Christian organizations in the Philippines who nudged the government to support the celebration of 500 years in Christianity this 2021.

“Why will I celebrate? Bakit ako mag-celebrate sa put*ng in*ng yan? 500 years of what? Of oppression?”

Of course, he said that he won’t be supporting the said celebration since the country had been under Spanish rule for more than 500 years. He then mentioned all the crimes the Spaniards did including the oppression of Filipino landowners’ and executions of suspected members of Masonic organizations.

He even emphasized the massacre of Moros in Mindanao under Spanish occupation, of course, since most of the audience hailed from the same region and he expects to manipulate them yet again and rally them to his selectively agnostic religious outlook.

Duterte is wrong — the Spanish ruled us for only 300 years and not 500 years!

Little did the audience know that the Spaniards did not control the Philippines for more than 500 years, but rather we gained national independence June 12, 1898. And in fact even during American rule a law was even signed known to as :

The Philippine Organic Act of 1902 provided, among other things, “That no law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, and that the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed.” 

In fact the American occupation forces dismissed many of the Spanish friars dominating many of the Catholic congregations and organizations in the country to dispel Anti-Friar sentiments on the local population still reeling from many decades of Spanish oppression.

As much as we’d love to bring back harbored hatred against our former colonial masters but that doesn’t change the fact that Duterte the only President of the country — willingly ceded Philippine territory in favor of a foreign superpower China with strings attached in the form of onerous loans that will surely put a huge strain in our economy and will put a heavy burden on our people in many generations to come.

Alas! Using guns, weaponry and funds from China. Duterte brazenly ordered the mass-slaughter of innocent Filipino civilians living in the slums. He even said that their deaths is of utmost necessity and that it would bring change in the country.

Unfortunately, these are all lies. With more than 25,000 people butchered by Duterte’s Death Squads. The illegal drug problem continues to harangue our law enforcement agencies. With most of the drugs taken were brought in by Chinese drug-cartels ironically slipping past the Bureau of Customs which was exactly where Duterte initially shifted his strongman powers to control and ensure full transparency.

Nevertheless, the drug problem continues to worsen under Duterte despite all the innocent blood spilled by his Death Squads. The fact doesn’t lie.  Since 2016, the number of drug-users were only numbered to around 1.3 to 1.8 million and now that number multiplied five folds to around 7 to 8 million drug users.

How did this all happen? Well, it appears that Duterte weren’t really waging a war against Drugs. It seems that Duterte is waging a war against competing druglords. In his bid to monopolize the illegal drug trade for him or for his friends.

Using his populist bravado and fake-news, squads in social-media. He succeeded in rallying in the masses to support the unthinkable. Many of them heads of distinguished and known Christian organizations.

As a country pre-dominantly populated by Christians. It doesn’t make any sense as to why many continue to let his insults against the faith be left unaccounted for? Have we really gone mad for him? Can’t we all open our eyes and see the truth, that we were being manipulated?

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