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Filipino Anti-Duterte blog website now controlled by a Chinese company

A popular Anti Duterte blog ‘‘Silent No More” under the web-address who has since published different articles and opinion pieces against the Duterte regime, are now instead showing a Chinese transport company based in Hunan province China.

I’ve just stumbled upon this when I was routinely checking updates from our allies in social-media and just doing my research on new topics to tackle and issues that I haven’t got the chance to wrap my head around and then when I tried accessing ”Silent No More” website. I was stunned to see Chinese characters on the site. I’m sure I typed the correct website address correctly. I entered it again and still the same results.

Check out the ”Before and After” presentation below.
Before (Web Archive, Oct 2017
After (Present day, December 2019)

[twenty20 img1=”8301″ img2=”8302″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Archive Website Snapshot Oct 2017″ after=”When the website is accessed now” hover=”true”]

Also, after doing a variety of security antivirus checks and cross-referencing known blacklists. It appears that the site may have been created by Chinese hackers to scam its visitors. According to the data provided by ”VirusTotal” – BitDefender web-filtering and security firewall has blocked the website under the category of ”Phishing” likely because a scam report has been filed to the developers of the security software pertaining to that particular website.

If you want to check the VirusTotal scan results. Go ahead check it through this link

Lastly, the email address which was associated to the technical and administrative control of the website were also linked to other malicious phishing websites with some having been setup with malware that tries to fool you into downloading the software in your computer.

I’ll be adding this to the Anti Fake News App database coming up soon to prevent further access to this website.

Chinese hackers have been busy attacking Anti Duterte websites

This website has been subjected to numerous ”Denial of Service” attacks which crippled it for weeks until I’ve managed to mitigate the threats a little bit and moved my server hosting to accommodate the huge amount of malicious traffic on the site. And my firewall consistently shows Chinese IP Addresses flooding my website server with requests. (I’ve already published a detailed blog article about this)

Though many were still reluctant to believe that someone in China were pretty much keen in silencing dissent in the Philippines. But yes, it’s happening and now the recent hijacking of ”Silent No More” website shows that there’s really a clear and undeniable proof that some organization in China were up to the task of stopping freedom warriors and people who routinely criticize Duterte’s human-rights violations and of course unsually submissive foreign policy to China.

I’d say, you have the proof right in front of you. We are at war against Chinese hackers and trolls. Perhaps, they’re tied up to state-sponsored organizations who continues to fund or encourage them to facilitate such attacks.

But I promise. We’ll keep holding on (as much as we can). That’s why, we need all your support. Please share our articles, posts and recommend them to your friends. This is the least and very significant contribution you can give to our cause. May we succeed in ultimately holding this administration accountable for its glaring abuses and human-rights violations.

I just hope the admin of Silent No More PH can recover their website or maybe switch to a different domain name. Or at least remove the website on their Facebook Page to stop driving traffic to the sham Chinese website.

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