Daughter screams as Duterte’s police butchered her father and dragged him away

A viral video surfaced online via a Facebook page Malabanan khupzreign showing the extreme brutality of Duterte’s death-squads. The video lasted for more than 5 minutes, showing a shaky yet chillingly heart-wrenching first-person view of a screaming daughter whose father has just been recently killed by Duterte’s death squads.

The video also shows how a group of policemen with some in civilian uniform manhandled the suspect by dragging his bloodied corpse out in the streets with the police showing little care or concern in saving the life the suspect. The act of dragging him out from his house shocked many of the onlookers, especially to his daughter who appears to be the one documenting the incident in her phone camera and yelling out to the policemen asking them please handle her father’s body with care. (WATCH the video below)

“..The body of the suspect appears to have been violently mercilessly dragged out into the streets after the policemen fatally shot him whilst according to his daughter that he was  just washing the dishes inside his residence. In fact, in between minute 00:01:23 and 0:01:24 the policemen miscarried the body and inadvertently or intentionally dropped the wounded suspect in the cold hard pavement. The treatment was without mercy with absolutely little care and humanity..”

It is as if the policemen were merely dragging a gutted carcass of a deer or a pig. They really didn’t care if the suspect would actually survive en-route to the hospital or die there and then succumbing to his wounds. They even snapped at the members of the suspect’s family warning them to stop trying to get closer to the body it as if they’re trying to prevent them from helping the wounded suspect.

As I continued watching the entire clip. The suspect’s daughter’s helpless screams reverberates through my ears. I could almost picture myself being in that same situation where a family member have been mercilessly murdered by cops. Who do I turn to? The murderers?

The body was ultimately forced into the back of a police car and the armed men claimed to be rushing the body towards the hospital. However, to the grave dismay of the bereaved family members. They were not informed on which hospital will they be rushing him to? The details were blurry but we could all expect that this was merely a ruse.

Since the police usually move the bodies and bring them to the hospital to tamper with the crime scene. That way the evidence to prove that it’s a rubout is lost.They know the suspect is dead but they still bring the body to the hospital in order to clearly tamper with the crime scene. That’s why when the SOCO arrives, the crime scene no longer proves anything.

Duterte’s death squads have massacred and mercilessly butchered thousands of innocent civilians in the Philippines. With a total population of more than 100 million. The 25,000 to 28,000 corpses which continued which piled up since Duterte assumed power in 2016 have now become merely a number. With most of the general public, though expressed concern on the sudden uptick of mass-killings. However, completely helpless or worst afraid to speak-up or be harassed or tainted as a drug-user.

The social-media space has completely been invaded by an army of trolls designed to attack and humiliate anyone who attempts to question the brutal actions of the Duterte’s death squads and worst. Many were being harassed with their pictures were posted in social-media forums and alleging them to be accomplices of drug-cartels in the country which immediately puts their life in grave risk.

In fact, I too was one of the heavily attacked bloggers in social-media. Perhaps, this was because we hold a significant number of followers and our articles and opinions creates ripples of dissent amongst the populace. Thus, as a result, I get to receive more than 5 to 10 deaths-threats a day from random anonymous people online. Of course, you get the feeling that they could be watching your every move or they already know who you are and that it was just a matter of time before they find you.

“..The stench of death hangs in every corner of the Philippines. For the first time, in my entire life that I now fear the police as much as I am afraid of criminals since they are of the same breed..”

When your life is being threatened or attacked. You could only trust yourself and those close to you since you can never trust the authorities and worst the culture of fascism, which continues to poison gullible Filipino minds in accepting Duterte’s atrocities. The rift between those who supports political accountability and human-rights were the ones that was viewed to be enemies of the state than those who blindly submits to whatever this regime dictates them to do or to believe in.

There have been many instances where human-rights activists were being hunted down and killed by Duterte’s death squads. And the world suddenly forgets that they ever existed.

Such were the sacrifices these men have to endure in our fight against tyranny and wholesale slaughter of our countrymen. I sometimes fear for the safety of my family in these dark and politically sordid times.

Extrajudicial killings exist in the Philippines. Thousands were being routinely hunted down and murdered by state-authorities as suggested by none other than the Chief Executive himself. I hope and I pray that God blesses those people who lost their love-ones  this coming Christmas. Especially the poor orphans who could no longer be with their parents because they have been tragically snatched from them.

Again, I pray and I hope that the ICC (International Criminal Court) will rule in favor of the oppressed and victimized members of the Filipino society. And those willing enablers may in the future be judged by history. We must never be silent in these dark times, where our voices could have prevented senseless murders and abuses by our oppressors. Stand up for humanity, justice and freedom.

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