Cayetano awarded Cayetano as the ”Best SEA Games Organizer”

Sports Industry Awards Asia (SPIA Asia) has awarded PHISGOC SEA Games Organizer officer ”Alan Peter Cayetano” as the ”Best SEA Games Organizer”. Cayetano happily receives the award from CEO Eric Gottschalk during the SPIA conference at the Grand Hyatt Manila. PHISGOC chairman Suzara expressed his gratitude to the SPIA and stressed that the recognition will inspire the Phisgoc workforce to work harder and do better in the remaining days of the biennial meet.

Best SEA Games Organizer Award? SPIA? Who?

The SPIA Asia Awards have become the most credible awards platform in Asia, focused on recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the Asian Sports Industry. And in 2019 it listed its award categories on their website.

1. Best Asian Sportsman of the Year
2. Best Asian Sportswoman of the Year
3. Best Asian Sports Team of the Year
4. Best Brand Activation of the Year
5. Best Use of Technology in Sports
6. Best International Sporting Event of the Year
7. Best Sports Digital Platform of the Year
8. Best Mass Participation Event of the Year in Asia
9. Best Sponsorship of a Sport, Team, Athlete, venue or Event in Asia ($500,000 and above)
10. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for a Sporting Event
11. Best Sports CSR Initiative of the Year
12. Best Sports Marketing Agency of the Year
13. Best Sport Youth Development Program of the Year
14. Best Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year
15. Best Sport Tourism Destination Campaign of the Year
16. Best Sports Fan Engagement Campaign of the Year

1. Best Live Experience at a Sporting Event in the Philippines:
2. Best Sport Youth Development Program in Philippines
3. Best Sponsorship of Sport, Team, Athlete, Venue or Event in Philippines ($250,000 and above)
4. Best Mass Participation Event of the Year in Philippines (Running/Cycling only)

1. Best Live Sports Event in Asia
2. Best Sportswear Brand of the Year
3. Best eSports Event of the Year

In the following list, you’ll never find the ”Best SEA Games Organizer” or even ”Best Sports Event Organizer” so it makes it a bit sketchy as to why they made an exception on Cayetano and gave him and his PHISGOC special recognition.  And then ”Jover Laurio” of Pinoy Ako Blog noted that SPIA were actually supported and endorsed by none other than PHISGOC themselves?

Lastly, it’s important take note that though the organization claimed to have existed for more than 5 years. However, their official domain name tells a different story. I tried digging into their WHOIS records and found that it has just been recently created as of 2016 which makes it roughly 3 years? So why lie? Well, they may be trying to mislead the people and give them a little bit of legitimacy when in fact it looks like the organization were already established with this purpose in mind. To shelve out awards to Cayetano and his chosen friends. Sheesh.. A propaganda tool. Nonetheless.

So now it’s pretty clear that the award given to Cayetano was already tainted with bias as the organization who gave him such honors were also sponsored/endorsed by Cayetano’s PHISGOC. Looks like Cayetano and his clowns were just pulling on each other’s legs. Sadly, the Filipino people could easily fall to tricks like this. I just hope the trolls won’t be blabbering about Cayetano’s award to justify the overpriced 50 million cauldron and 183 million food catering budget where the hotel merely served chicken sausage to the athletes.

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