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DDS says ”PewDiePie” is King of Sweden who supports Duterte with his bro-fist

A recently created propaganda Facebook page of the Duterte regime posted a photo showing a YouTube blogger ”PewDiePie” wearing royal garments labelled with a fake name as King Johan Konrad III of Sweden along with the statement supposedly praising the Duterte administration “He’s a world renowned leader I think we should all look up to”.

The said post was published by the page Solid Duterte Supporters against Gang Shabu on Facebook which has just been established as of April 2019 with the said photo garnering thousands of likes and shares from equally gullible hardcore Pro-Duterte crowd. Of course, anyone who had been to YouTube quite often should surely know who ”PewDiePie” is.

Who is King Johan Konrad III of Sweden?

I don’t think there’s an exact monarch with the exact name as Johan Konrad but I’m sure there’s one by the name of John III (Swedish: Johan III, Finnish: Juhana III; 20 December 1537 – 17 November 1592). He is a King of Sweden from 1569 until his death. He was the son of King Gustav I of Sweden and his second wife Margaret Leijonhufvud. He was also, quite autonomously, the ruler of Finland, as Duke John from 1556 to 1563. In 1581 he assumed also the title Grand Prince of Finland. He attained the Swedish throne after a rebellion against his half-brother Eric XIV. He is mainly remembered for his attempts to close the gap between the newly established Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Catholic church.

So by that information alone. You can already tell that this meme is pure hogwash as Duterte could not have lived sometime in the 1500’s. Also, the real photo of King Johan is this

John III of Sweden.jpg

Now that you know that there’s absolutely no way that King Johan of Sweden could have praised Duterte unless he had the means to travel through time. Then who is the guy on the picture anyway?

That guy is none other than the Youtube’s most popular blogger ”PewDiePie” and not some royal monarch of some sort. His real name is ”Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber” and yes he is from Switzerland. He is a vlogger most particularly streaming horror games in Youtube and Twitter. Right now his Youtube channel has received over 102 million subscribers and 23 billion video views, ranking as the second-most subscribed and eleventh-most viewed on the platform, as well as the most subscribed and viewed channel to be operated by a single individual.

Image result for pewdiepie

Lastly, PewDiePie signature ”brofist” has nothing to do with Duterte’s fist bump salute since right before 2015 or 2014. PewDiePie had been doing this to his videos long before Duterte’s campaign ever started. So with these facts alone, we can already established that this meme has absolutely no truthful crediblity at all and were merely meant to misinform the masses and further push Duterte’s popularity.

This is only one of the few outrageous propaganda memes and posts published by Duterte’s troll army and paid social-media pages. And you can see the immediate effect on the people who consumed – instantly sharing and liking the content without even checking if this was really true or not.

Just because it re-affirms their biases – they don’t really care if its actually fake or not – otherwise they’d go at extreme lenghts to justify their beliefs.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is what fascism does to people. Worst than drugs.

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