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SEA Games cauldron appears to be 50 times overpriced says steel-fabrication expert

A netizen by the name of Rafael S. Benedicto who hails from Davao City, shared his expert opinion on Facebook about the controversial 55 Million peso cauldron meant for the opening of the 30th SEA Games. In that post, he included a set of close-up photos showing certain flaws of the workmanship and the glaring low-quality of the materials used for its construction. Here’s his detailed post below.

Our family owns a steel fabrication shop. So I know what good steel welding looks like. This thing is not worth its P55-million ($1-million) price tag. More like P500,000 to P750,000.

They say the sheets on the cauldron are stainless steel. Based on the reflections THAT IS NOT STAINLESS STEEL. I am a 3D artist who has studied textures and materials for 12 years. Stainless steel does not reflect light like that.

Rather, the sheets are very thin GI (galvanized iron) spot-welded and riveted to square and round GI tubes.

The welding job is crappy everywhere, and there are even holes with missing rivets. There are also burn marks on the welding joints which haven’t been polished off.

And based on the height of the people at the base the whole thing is just 50 feet (15.25 meters), not 50 meters as Alan Cayetano claimed.

For comparison I included a photo of an actual 50 meter flagpole. Notice the tiny people at the base.

The real stainless steel plaque seems to be the most well-made part of this cauldron, where Alan Peter Cayetano’s name is professionally engraved. Perhaps that’s where most of the P55-million went.

Here’s the screenshot of his post below.

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