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Chinese national gave Filipino protesters a ‘dirty finger’ in our country

Yesterday, a group of Filipino protesters marched in front of the Chinese Embassy in Makati City calling out the Chinese regime’s brutal interference on Hongkong’s supposedly democratic institutions. The said protest included banners and graphical paraphernalia supporting Hongkong’s freedom protesters.

However, just as the Filipinos were merely expressing their opinions which is perfectly legal in our country. A young Chinese national casually approached them and gave them an insulting dirty finger. Apparently, that must have been totally unexpected by the protesters as this was the Philippines. Our own home-turf. of course, where freedom of expression is respected by the government.

And yet, this non-Filipino citizen came in and insulted our free democratic process by attacking our protesters?

It seems that most Chinese mainlanders from China were mere Chinese agents set to quash dissenters in this country and to attack the local populace in favor of the CCP?

As previously been discussed by many netizens in the social-media that the sudden uptick of illegal Chinese immigrants to the Philippines must have been a warning sign that once their numbers swelled to millions. They would be capable of attacking the local populace and quashing dissenters to satisfy the whims of the Chinese Communist Party.

For a fact, it is no longer beyond doubt that we are being primed for a future Xinjiang. Where Chinese control all over the Philippines is expected to take full shape. Alas! Our government bends down to the Chinese Communist Party and freely surrenders all the military initiative and safeguards necessary to our national and territorial defense, in favor of Chinese loans and deals.

One of which is giving China control all over our power grids. Which means that any moment, should China wish to strike. It can simply flip the switch off and the entire country will descend into total darkness. Effectively disabling our military communications and defense systems requires power to operate. Our allies won’t be expected to be there at the exact moment as we would need to buy time and defend ourselves.

However, if there are Chinese nationals showing signs of fanatical allegiance to the CCP within our own cities and towns? Then all that China could do is to arm them and everything will go down from within, just as how the innocent looking ”Trojan Horse” led to the sacking of the well-defended city of Troy.

Chinese mainlanders must not be allowed to interfere in our privilege to freedom of expression as well as insult us in our own country

I know that the Duterte regime has since been grossly beholden to the Chinese Communist Party and that at every possible angle of opportunity would do everything to try appease them even if it’s giving away our own island-holdings in the West Philippine Sea as well a control over our power-grid. But still, I beg that Duterte administration take a step back and reconsider their selfish relationship with China.

After all? How could we ever trust an enemy? It is as if we’re giving the fox the key to the hen-house?

May I remind our leaders that the Filipino people must be defended from foreigners, including those with fanatical allegiance to an authoritarian regime with malicious interest to steal more of our territorial holdings. Tourists and foreigners from other countries must resist the urge to intervene in our own democratic process. After all, they are not citizens of this country — the guile of them to insult us?

Ultimately, I know that my pleas will only fall deaf ears. But then again. I must insist that even if our government has become dysfunctional and useless. The powers of the state does not reside in one man alone, but with the spirit of nationalism burning in each of us. You and I have the power to change everything.

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