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Did Duterte saved the druglords from Leni Robredo?

Duterte and his goons casually lament on Robredo’s firing as somewhat ”wasted opportunity” by shifting the blame on her supposed tie-ups with International anti-drug enforcement organizations who they claim were enemies against the state for criticizing Duterte’s vicious and senseless drug war as well as grave human-rights abuses.

“She was daring the President to fire her… It is the Vice-President Leni asking the president to fire her…The President is calling the dare,” – Panelo

So how did we arrive to this point where Duterte, who initially offered the ICAD position to Leni and promises to give her all the authorization she requires to fully serve her mandate and run  anti-drug enforcement policies her own way yet now fires her for simply doing her job all too well?

“If VP Robredo is really serious in addressing the cause of the drug problem, she should have gone down to the grassroots – talking to the victims, to their families, and to the communities..” – Panelo

As expected again, Panelo is again spreading misinformation to the general public. Leni Robredo has since been very active in the grassroots. Visiting certain communities and drug-rehab facilities with the firm intention to treat the drug problem as a medical issue and not something that the government would consider as holocaust-style approach in discriminating and wiping out perceived drug-dependents. After all, they’re just sick human beings which needed medical attention and understanding.

For starters, we need to understand that Duterte’s drug-war has simply been a farce and theatrical drama to invoke fear, control and manipulate the masses. For one, it is designed to destroy regional drug-cartels and replace them with Duterte controlled/allied drug-lords. All the small-time drug-addicts and pushers were merely a small price to pay to paint a propaganda image of Duterte’s seemingly vicious anti-drug stance.

Since 2016, the number of drug-users rose to more than several folds. From 1.6 Million to around 7 Million as bare by both Duterte and Cayetano during some of their public speeches. So if this data is correct, then it is safe to assume that all those innocent lives butchered, including the hapless victims labelled simply as collateral damage were all for naught since Duterte’s anti-drug campaign ultimately failed despite optimistic expectations from his supporters and allies.

The China-Duterte drug partnership

Many people around social-media has since speculated that the Duterte family strong ties with China has its own roots. One of which is the humdrums floating around the web and of course the revelations of Senator Trillanes himself that Polong Duterte is a member of the Chinese Triad and supposedly bears a ceremonial dragon tattoo on his back which can be easily decoded by the US Drug Enforcement Agency should Polong happily shows them to the media. However, despite his best opportunity to shame Trillanes and expose the truth — he mysteriously and profusely declined to show the alleged dragon tattoo on his back.

Now that Polong Duterte still has not cleared the allegations of his supposed links to Chinese drug cartels then it is also safe to assume that Duterte’s unusually fanatical foreign-appeasement policy towards the Chinese government has its own benefits. We all know that for sure — since the Chinese Communist Party controls everything in China and rightly so should any state-party wanting to benefit from onerous projects and investments or even condoning illicit criminal activities such as smuggling drugs between ports.

We have known this since when the PDEA caught up with the empty magnetic lifters which used to contain more than 6.4 Billion worth of shabu in Cavite after K9 dogs sniffed the tiny particles left inside the lifters. Contrary to Duterte’s unusually staunch denial that the magnetic lifters were highly unlikely to contain illegal drugs as what PDEA initially claimed.

CONNIVANCE? Former members of the government's 3 anti-drug agencies are implicated in the alleged smuggling of shabu inside the Philippines. Graphic by Ken Bautista.

It is common knowledge in the International Anti-Drugs community that China has been one of the biggest suppliers of meth in the country. Here’s the data acquired by the UNODC below.

You’ll see that most of the production networks comes from the port of Guangdong and Hongkong towards the Philippines. Which is also consistent to decades long intelligence data acquired by independent researchers and intelligence agencies worldwide, including the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency.

In fact, during the senate hearing of the 6.4 Billion peso shabu as presided by Sen. Richard Gordon himself exclaimed

Mahirap makipag-deal sa China kung may pinapasoknadroga [It’s hard to deal with China if illegal drugs are coming in here from them]. How many people are affected? China is shabulizing the country!”

Here are some intriguing articles you can read on the Duterte connections of known suspected druglords in the country.

  1. EX-COP ACIERTO SPEAKS OUT: DUTERTE IGNORED INTEL ON MICHAEL YANG’S DRUG LINKSDismissed cop Eduardo Acierto, former deputy director for administration of the PNP Drug Enforcement Group (DEG), presented 2017 documents detailing the supposed links of Yang and another Chinese national Allan Lim to illegal drugs.Acierto, an anti-narcotics operative for 18 years, said that his group’s intel on Yang might have caught the ire of Duterte, who, in turn, accused him of involvement in the P11-billion worth of illegal drugs smuggled through magnetic lifters in 2018.

    “My conclusion there is that the drug lords have penetrated the upper echelons of government….They now have access to authorities. They weren’t investigated, instead I was the one being probed now…. Yes, [the President] tolerated them,” said Acierto.


  2. WAREHOUSE OWNER IN SHABU SMUGGLING CASE STILL AT LARGEJUSTICE Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II on Thursday, January 11, warned that Richard Chen, owner of Hongfei Logistics warehouse in Valenzuela City who was purportedly behind the illegal shipment of P6.4-billion methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, might still be trying to flee the country.


  3. THE CHARLIE TAN-PAOLO DUTERTE CONNECTIONThe inclusion of the name Charlie Tan led us to recall the testimony of former Davao Death Squad member SPO4 Arturo Lascañas last March 6, where he related an incident involving Paolo Duterte and Charlie Tan.Lascañas said sometime in between late 2013 and early 2014, Paolo told him about a delayed shipment of furniture and other items he imported from China. He said the container van also included the belongings of a certain Charlie Tan and that there’s information that Tan had placed drugs in the container van.

    Paolo instructed him to tail the van when it arrives, deliver it to the village hall of Barangay Catalunan Grande, and arrest Tan if the shipment yields drugs. Lascañas did what he was told to do.

    However, when the van arrived in Davao City and he was on his way to intercept the alleged hot cargo, Paolo called him up saying, “Arbor ko na lang, bro. Ako na ang bahala kay Charlie.”

Image may contain: 5 people, text

Here’s Richard Chen the man who owned the warehouse through which the said illegal drug shipment were forwarded to, posed with Bureau of Customs Chief Faeldon.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

With all the seemingly countless number of pictures where Duterte’s son is happily fraternizing with known Chinese drug kingpins in the country then it is completely safe to assume that his son may really have  been a member of the Chinese drug cartel as previously bared by Trillanes in the Senate and could also be the reason why until now he profusely denied all attempts to bare his back-tattoo which allegedly bears a coded dragon tattoo.

Whichever is the case. Leni Robredo’s firing as ICAD Chairman only heightens the public’s suspicion that the Duterte family really were involved in the illegal business and that by firing Leni Robredo is an act of self-preservation as she was getting closer to unmasking them.

Image result for polong picture druglords

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