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Imee Marcos challenged Filipino athletes that they should get No.1 after overpriced SEA Games budget

The newly elected Senator and daughter of the late Philippine dictator, mass-murderer and world-renowned plunderer released her statement in reaction to the issues about the overpriced SEA Games budget most particularly the symbolic 50 M cauldron and challenged Filipino athletes to keep up with their expectations.

“Sa laki ng gastos natin, sana naman masiguro na mag-number 1 tayo sa SEA Games dahil kung hindi, tiyak na magagalit ang taongbayan!”

But is right for her, to challenge our Filipino athletes to be No 1? Yet for quite some time now the government financial support for our athletes has in fact been lacking which led to some athletes have to funding it with their own savings and money.

Last March, two members of the Philippine Paralympic swimming team revealed that they haven’t received any allowance from the government after joining the national training pool in 2017. Several,  team coaches also shared that the athletes were recommended to the sports agency, but had failed to receive funds.

Also, if you can remember? Earlier this month, the achievement of Filipino-American chess grand master Wesley So brought into the light the consequences of a similar scenario where athletes are denied financial support. So once played for the Philippines but conflict with different sports agencies have prompted him to switch sides and play as a US representative instead.

Apparently, he was denied a P1-million incentive by the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee in 2013 when they found out he received a gold medal from the World Universiade Games in Russia.

I know the government may very well be happy to shell out funds for athletes to attend in International contests abroad. However, it should also pour support, financial or otherwise, to improve efforts to train and develop athletes from the grassroots levels. Because, adequate training an coaching ensures that our athletes are well equipped with the necessary skills to excel and possibly snag a medal.

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Our government sports officials must see to it that athletes are given the right nutrients and give allowances that is within the standard of living, so that athletes will not resort to eating noodles, tahong or galungong, or what their allowance can afford.

You see? I find that Imee Marcos statement is so far been insulting towards our athletes who has not been adequately supported in the past and now just in instant the government wants to put huge boulder over their shoulders that they must win because so many greedy crocodiles earned from kickbacks over the SEA Games budget.

Whichever is the case, I don’t expect Imee Marcos to truly understand the message of this blog post since they’ve been known to be shameless since the 70s.  But if it were up to the people to weight out the taxpayer money spent on sports and the billions of money stolen by Imee’s father. Perhaps, it’d also be right to ask why did she failed to secure a ”diploma” after all that money the people spent on her?

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