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Under Duterte, China now has control to our power grid

Senator Ralph Recto has since raised red-flags on China’s state-owned company State Grid Corp. of China who has acquired a 40% stake over the lone National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). Which means that they can now control our own power grid system remotely whenever they wished and needed.

“They can turn it off remotely. Ang giyera naman na darating ganon na (War starts that way), not necessarily missiles. Cyberwar,”

It can also be remembered that back in 2017. The privately owned NGCP has sent its own engineers and technicians to China for training under the program called ”Trailblazers” which covers overs comprehensive training in quality and safety, high voltage direct current technology, smart substations, protection systems and online monitoring systems.

The China State Grid Corporation now owns a 40 percent stake in the NGCP while 60 percent is owned by Filipinos headed by businessman Henry Sy Jr.

Why is a third-party country, especially China who invaded and stole a portion of the West Philippine Sea could never be trusted control over our power grid system?

China, unlike all other countries is currently run by the elites or members of the Communist Party. There’s no semblance of democratic process which could hold them accountable for atrocities locally and abroad. There’s no such thing as elections or freedom of the press or freedom of expression — in fact there’s no freedom at all. China can do anything it wants and no one’s stopping them.

Worst, China openly invaded parts of the West Philippine Sea and shamelessly disobeyed International Law despite our clear borderlines within 200 nautical miles UNCLOS Exclusive Economic Zone. China’s most southernmost province is too far away from the West Philippine Sea and China clearly has no legal or historical rights over our own seas, whom many of our ancient ancestors have since sailed and fished in the area before China did.

How could you trust a country who attacks and threatens you with their navy, missiles and guns. Harass your fishermen and even wantonly rammed them, then left for dead in the vast cold ocean?

Clearly, if we want to make friends with countries, then we must do so with those who has not been aggressive against us by bullying us to do whatever it wants and needs and stealing the resources and food which we could have used to feed our own people.

China is not a friend. Though we tried and tried and tried. But China does not want a friend. It wants a slave. And Duterte is aware of it, then later pawned the interest of his people in exchange of China’s protection against those who wants to prosecute him of his crimes as well as to enrich his family and allies pockets from hefty loans to be later paid by the people

Nevertheless, as much as we protest heavily against this. It seems that the majority of the Filipinos simply want to stick to the sidelines and watch how all of these things going to end up. Instead of acting now and lending their voice of reason — they chose to be fence-sitters who could care less about the government atrocities and grave betrayal.

Poisoned by state-funded trolls and propaganda influences in Facebook and YouTube. They felt that China’s intrusion can only be justified as mutually beneficial. However, they must know that China has other plans and the contracts signed by Duterte and his associates contains onerous provisions that will put the Philippines down to its knees should it fail to re-pay its loans. Of course, how could we afford those loans? China made sure that we could barely afford them due to huge interest rates.

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