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SEA Games ”kaldero” worth more than 50M and used only once

During the Senate’s BCDA’s 2020 budget hearing. Drilon once again questioned Senator Sonny Angara about the SEA Games cauldron which is worth more than 50 million pesos and will only be used once. It can be noted that the production of the cauldron was under the Philippine Sports Commission(PSC) and was designed by the late Filipino architect Bobby Mañosa.

However, this does not justify the hefty price tag of 50 million pesos over a simple structure than would only be used ”once”? Drilon even mentioned that this huge price could have been better used to build school buildings and other very important structures that would benefit the Filipino people for many years instead of just this one.

Angara tried to defend the cost of the cauldron.

“I think what the government is really envisioning was to do a really impressive hosting of the games and showcase the Philippine ingenuity by using Philippine creative designers and performers. I think this is what other Southeast Asian countries have also done when it was their turn to host,”

But it seemed that he was just merely trying to justify the huge budget — perhaps he knows who’s going to get a cut on that somehow?

The most expensive SEA Games cauldron in PH history?

Oh – I smell a lot of kickbacks around this project. If you try and look at it – the design is pretty simple and should not justify the amount disbursed to build it. Similar design in Singapore’s 2015 SEA Games cauldron were far more elegant and were built perhaps at a significantly cheaper price tag than this one. Nevertheless, only Drilon who tried to pull the exact figure from Angara as he seems to be trying to evade in answering the total cost of the said cauldron.

Is it just that we do away 50 classrooms to build a 50 million ‘kaldero’ that we use only once? – Sen. Drilon


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