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Chinese tourist planted the flag of China in Boracay

In post published by Jan Allen B. Ascaño in his Facebook Page Kaibahang Jan Allen B. Ascaño showing a photo of Chinese tourists standing next to a large Chinese flag firmly planted in Boracay’s sands. He also mentioned that this was in fact a beachfront of Boracay Station 2.

According to one of the comments in the post, there have been several foreigners who approached the Chinese man who planted the flag telling him this was the not a good place to put the his country’s flag since he doesn’t own the property and that the beaches of Boracay and also it might insult some of the locals knowing that just several miles in the West lies China’s illegally man-made islands stolen from the Philippines.

Some of the vitriol Pro-DDS trolls argue. Why should we even feel  bad about this?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for anyone to bring their own flag anywhere and put it in properties that they own. And that is true – even Filipino communities abroad can put Philippine flags in their house as a sign that they are Filipinos also in the same manner foreigners, including Americans may also display a flag in their own residents and houses to show national identity. It’s perfectly fine – there’s no question about that.

However, we need to always bear in mind that Europe, India, Saudi Arabia or any other countries in the world has no existing territorial disputes or in a way has not been belligerent against our citizens in  a way of harassment within our own territorial bounds. Only China who’s actively been harrassing our ships and our planes passing over our own Internationally acknowledged Exclusive Economic Zone which has since been re-affirmed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration and that China’s historical claims of all of South China Sea has since been found to be farcical and baseless.

“..Ang OA naman ng mga pinoy.. para flag lang..”?

The sheer ignorance of the Filipino masses about the relationship between China and the Philippines. For starters, China has been friendly to Duterte because Duterte had been appeasing China of course to his prime benefit such as investments and loans. However, does this benefit the Filipino people? Not really. Worst, if those agreements carry with them onerous contracts to ultimately cede Philippine territories should we fail to pay our loans to China. As of this writing time, the Philippine government under Duterte continues to hide those loan agreements with China from the people.

“We could never ever call China, a friend — for as long as they encroach our territory and continue to harass our own ships and planes”

Many of us seems to be completely unaware of this. Perhaps, largely to misinformation and troll farms who generate huge traffic to dissuade public condemnation of Duterte’s Pro China policy. Or maybe, we don’t really love our country just that much.

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