Pregnant minor sexually harassed by police, then later shot for complaining in court

The human-rights situation in the Philippines continues to deteriorate under Duterte where as many as 25,000 people gunned down in his infamous aggressive drug-war stance. Many of whom were not even connected to drugs or has no prior drug convictions which baffled investigators up until today. Though despite the worrying bloodshed and glaring evidence of police participation in riding-in-tandem assassinations. Duterte continues to support his police and in-fact encourages them to shoot unarmed innocent civilians and plant evidence wherever possible.

Duterte’s condonement of police brutality and abuses emboldened many of his officers to commit more crimes under the pretense of authority and law enforcement. Of course, the men in uniform can go to places with a gun which means that they can easily slip through checkpoints undetected; making covert riding-in-tandem assassinations pretty easy.

One of such crime is the attempted assassination of a sixteen-year old pregnant woman whom were allegedly sexually harassed by a certain police officer. According to an anonymous source that she filed a complaint to the court against this officer and were in the process of attending the arraignment when suddenly two men in red and white motorcycle shot her which caused her to drop on the side of the road unconscious and losing blood.

Fortunately,  some of the bystanders immediately helped her up and called an ambulance she can be rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. Up until this time of writing, the said pregnant teenager is currently fighting for her and of course her offspring’s life.

Authorities are still looking for the perpetrators, who used a red and white motorcycle in the attack. They are also investigating the cop who was sued by the victim to find if he had anything to do with the crime.

The result of Duterte’s kill orders and rape joke combined

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It appears that Duterte’s own rape jokes and kill orders to the men-and-uniform seemed to have influenced them to commit grisly crimes like this without fear of retribution or accountability for their actions since they know that Duterte will protect them regardless. The gravity of such crimes fell on deaf ears as many were constantly harangued with exaggerated propaganda messages that police brutality and their lack of accountability makes it easier for them to chase back against criminals. It seems that it never cross everyone’s mind that what if the criminals were the policemen themselves? Who else will chase them?

As I have said before, the human-rights situation in the Philippines continues to deteriorate. Having the current Vice President Leni Robredo to take the helm as ICAD Co-Chair though still has limited influence and power were quite comforting though, remains to be seen as the years drag on and Bongbong Marcos continues to salivate at the possibility of de-throning her as VP and assuming the regime should Duterte chose to resign because of his apparently frail health.

I can only hope and pray that the teenager and her unborn child survives and that a justice shall be served not only for her, but for the thousands of innocent civilians mercilessly mowed down by state-forces under the strict encouragement of no-less than Duterte himself.

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